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  1. Very nice comeback! Good to read about such spirit.
  2. Will they bring a good contingent? Chance of a good gate for the club?
  3. That looks like another good win! Several goal scorers and a clean sheet!
  4. Hiya, Ivor! It's good to hear from you, and I hope you're feeling good these days. Yes, I'm still trying to keep up with City -- and they seem to be holding their own so far! You're right, it doesn't seem like twelve years -- maybe I'll have a chance to come back soon!
  5. A great result! Sounds like another fast start -- now they have to keep the pressure on the whole 90 minutes.
  6. Ah, that's too bad. Frustrating to go up early and then lose control of the match. I was going to ask if the penalties were legit, but three would still have been enough to do us in, eh? On to the to the next opponent.
  7. Way to play to the final whistle, City!
  8. Winning begets more winning! I like to see a club go for it in all the competitions; I know there's a downside, but still.
  9. I remember a score of 12-0 -- against Minehead, I think? -- didn't Yetti get like four of those? What's the date for the next round?
  10. I'm trying to keep up! The changes have been coming fast and furious these past several years, it seems, and as I have no social media presence, sometimes weeks at a time go by without news, so I've rejoined this board, and I'm resetting. I presume the squad isn't really large enough for a lot of rotation, so it might be a chance for them to feel a different pressure and get their mojo back.
  11. I said it on here fourteen years ago when I discovered the forum, and maybe nobody believed it, but I'm Truro till I die, and I'll be around for as long as I can! UP THE CITY ROLL TRURO CITY ROLL
  12. What are City's chances? Good? A win would be a win after the last two matches, and getting to move on might be a little lift.
  13. Thanks for the reports, gents. From the great start, things look considerably more shaky now? Too bad; still plenty of time to get it sorted. Playing out from the back works great if your side have backs like Liverpool or Man City who can control the ball in close-quarters dribbling and pick out a field-changing pass, but otherwise it's playing with fire. Still, as a strategy, I'd prefer to watch that than Route 1 thumping it long and hoping some big center-forward gets under it first.
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