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  1. I was up country at the weekend and intended to go to Hayes and Yeading but circumstances conspired against me so I went to Aylesbury United v Yaxley, which was nearer to where I was based, instead. Aylesbury ground share at Chesham United, Truro's rivals in the South Division. I was sat next to the directors' box where a chap wearing a Chesham-badged jacket was telling everyone that next season Truro will play "their home games in Penzance." He was clearly put out by this, hoping that Chesham avoid Truro next year because " Penzance is ever further away. " Is this just another rumour starting up?
  2. I was at the Penzance game and, yes, it was a really poor tackle and, yes, it kicked off. There will be plenty more this season, unfortunately. The Wendron player deserved his red card and there's an argument, I guess, that Mark Vercesi deserved his too for his reaction but I've been to plenty of games where he would have just got a yellow. Decent game before that but Penzance really needed to hold on to that two goal lead.
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