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  1. I did say I was a controversial one for a Cornwall Cup Dave!😂 I’ve yet to visit Camelford’s ground, so couldn’t add to my list.
  2. Definitely want to showcase your final (and semi)on the best playing surface and allow the players the best chance of playing the beautiful game and not have them play on some badly cut bobbly pitch with trenches, all over as I’ve witnessed. That is by no means meant to be a slight on the efforts of the magnificent volunteers all over that work so hard, more a reflection of what they have to work with to start with. Therefore for me the only neutral pitches I’ve seen so far (in my short time watching the boy in the Peninsular league) that are worthy of a final are Mousehole, Callington and St Blazey. Could Truro be asked for the final (whilst I’ve never been I assume their pitch would be good) or, controversially for a Cornwall Cup, Parkway?
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