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  1. In fairness Uwdi we didn’t expect anything else did we? Generally the cream rises to the top ergo, last season the better players / teams were playing in one step 6 SW Peninsular Premier League. The FA drive the restructuring and we have to split that standard of players / clubs across two leagues and allow the new teams and players coming in time to grow, learn, kick-on and rise to the requisite football level required at step 6; or not. We aren’t even halfway through the season, it takes some professional teams half a season to find their way when they step up and some still haven’t after a whole season. I personally think we should be applauding the bravery and pride of the teams that have risen to the challenge of supporting the new structure, taking that step up and continuing to play on the back of some hammering, whilst keeping their sense of humour intact. Without them we may have risked SW football oblivion and not meeting the FA directives. Give them time they will settle and hopefully we’ll have a thriving step 6 and moving towards a Devon, Cornwall (and fringes of Somerset) step 5!
  2. I think it’s a bit easy to say that, rather than stand up for what’s going on right here on a touchline close to you. I agree that the top flight need to lead but, when was the last time you heard the kind of vile vitriol come from a Premier League Manager that is heard coming from the mouths of part time wannabes week in week out? League officials feeling continually threatened is shocking and needs to be sorted out at this level, by example, I would suggest? That is of course my humble opinion!
  3. Whilst a newcomer to the delights of non league football and therefore speaking from a position of limited time experience I have always believed in leading by example. You only have to read a few of this forum’s pages to understand some managers, coaches et al, do not believe or care for this example and their behaviour clearly resonates through their team; therefore the league officials need to take decisive and robust action and remove said offenders, known to all, from the proceedings and see what happens. A game without rules, and those to officiate them, is no game!
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