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  1. Tbf if what your stating is correct there’s been no inflation for the last 30 years . Where the money comes from is no ones business but helstons .they have an outstanding youth division don’t they ? how much do these kids/parents pay for fees , that might go toward the budget , good luck to helston .
  2. Good post original question ref decline, how many kids do you see playing football, you can say they have everything now coaching and the best 3/4 g facilities, but apart from training nights (1 hour ) how many kids are playing football on the street in the park none and if they are chances are the neighbours are moaning . Yep standards are massively in decline but tell e what 18-20 year olds are ace on the PlayStation .
  3. Why wouldn’t it why should this league be any different ,the peninsular and westerns going fine and stp is the smallest league .
  4. Agree watching the Falmouth penryn game Wednesday the town fan base is outstanding queuing up 25 mins after ko to get in . Keep this up Falmouth looking in great long term hands both on and off the field .
  5. Lose some of these low junior leagues and form Sunday leagues , some proper linos can then be the middle man on a Sunday and earn a few more quid .
  6. Agree totally but why’s it dropping I thought there was a load more youth coaching going on nowadays , you’d expect standards to raise 🤷‍♂️
  7. Sorry 10/15 year comment not being disrespectful, just seems you guys have a plan and I’d like to think entry to the combo league isn’t it for the end game 👍
  8. I get your point but back in the day Crewe had an outstanding youth policy , should they have been let in the premiership,? where do Plymouth parkway get there players ? Where do helston get there’s ? Where do Falmouth town get there’s ? Where do mullion get theres ? Where will the next club get theres ? Get my point it’s a food chain and should be hard work to climb it . Listen hopefully/maybe in 10-15years you get to where you wanna be good luck with it . Last note on 3G pitch’s why don’t hayle play all the games on it , bloody hurts your knees /ankles when your over 25 good for training less so for games IMO. maybe just maybe that’s a factor the committee took into account.
  9. Agree with this totally , 1 thing not pointed out while having a moan about league committee is , is your ground/facilities up to standard , this maybe another reason added to one above . And again sorry if I’m wrong but to my knowledge ruan minor ain’t flourished think they packed in ,making the whole point exactly.
  10. 2 many clubs so always somewhere to play so they can act like that . Limit the new clubs etc so they don’t have anywhere to play , so they commit/ help the clubs or bugger off and play 5 aside in the local park !!!
  11. I’d imagine nothing looking at full time I see they finished 2nd ( in Covid times)in division 3 so I’d expect promotion to division 2 scratching my head why they or any other club in that scenario to ask/appeal/expect to be promoted 3 leagues . That make sense?
  12. Well,well done from me clubs should earn the right 👏👏👏
  13. So the people that run these leagues (and probably know more about local areas local facilities)have no power ? Well that makes no sense .. So is it the Cornish or English FA ruining village clubs /towns/social clubs ?
  14. Such a shame on probus!! but Yep tbh the people who run these leagues have gotta stop this and not allow these flyby clubs formed on the back of some fool , being allowed to join and therefore taking players from these established village clubs that have been running and run well for years !!! If there’s a load of players kicking about let them find an established village/town club and those fire up a reserve/third team using there facilities/bar put some money back . Not some club who’ve no land no facilities no long term hope of helping the community 🙄
  15. I don’t think this was ever in question feel it’s more about clubs/teams jumping joining leagues and making a farce of the whole promotion/ relegation structure that was meant to be in place .
  16. Difficult to see past st blazey or Falmouth do 1 or 2 go up ? at the other end I’d imagine it’ll be hard for godolphin
  17. Great post that . 100% right . The whole leagues system needs looking at tbh
  18. Whatever but no one can say what’s happening drown this end of the world is good for Cornish football every league is now sub standard , I’ll watch st blazey v Falmouth this year probably nothing else . Perranporth not getting a point last year promoted Truro not getting in , sorry we got that wrong nope your in . Cornish footballs been dwindling down for years . Understand wanting the be part of fa structure but 1 man and a dog watch’s games down here , travel for 95% of Cornish teams is a problem. what’s wrong with the way Truro left the jswl if those clubs with wealthy owners want progress there’s ways . But the county shouldn’t ruin Cornish football just to be part of a system . What will happen with a sticker /Wendron/penryn /porthleven if they were to win the league that’ll only get weaker how can they survive when they HAVE to go up to the western league it’ll kill em .
  19. I’m not for Truro or anti Truro but this just shows what an absolute joke Cornish football is in at the moment , what’s the point of meetings /agms/ promotions/relegations . can anyone here tell me honestly that Cornish football is in a good healthy state , no can can blame the likes of saltash , mousehole , helston for getting out and there will be a lot more trying to join them .
  20. So 3 gaps for the west means Truro perranporth and ludgvan are in obviously
  21. Good there’s too many random teams popping up everywhere , let these players go to a club with facilities pitches changing rooms clubhouses,
  22. Christ Dave your as bad constantly asking this question every time al posts ,leave it your just as BORING !!!
  23. Surprised no ones picked up on the fact that the fella lee Robinson is it the assistant last year who took a managers job up the line isn’t there , to me it seems he must of been the one who gave the players the desire and direction , maybe Massey is just an open check book looking for guidance.
  24. Ref helston think with weds and today shows how much they are missing the fella Robinson who was assistant last year . And how much idea Massey and his new assistant have .
  25. Older this topic started off interesting now it’s essentially you talking to yourself !!!
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