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  1. Great post that . 100% right . The whole leagues system needs looking at tbh
  2. Whatever but no one can say what’s happening drown this end of the world is good for Cornish football every league is now sub standard , I’ll watch st blazey v Falmouth this year probably nothing else . Perranporth not getting a point last year promoted Truro not getting in , sorry we got that wrong nope your in . Cornish footballs been dwindling down for years . Understand wanting the be part of fa structure but 1 man and a dog watch’s games down here , travel for 95% of Cornish teams is a problem. what’s wrong with the way Truro left the jswl if those clubs with wealthy owners want progress there’s ways . But the county shouldn’t ruin Cornish football just to be part of a system . What will happen with a sticker /Wendron/penryn /porthleven if they were to win the league that’ll only get weaker how can they survive when they HAVE to go up to the western league it’ll kill em .
  3. I’m not for Truro or anti Truro but this just shows what an absolute joke Cornish football is in at the moment , what’s the point of meetings /agms/ promotions/relegations . can anyone here tell me honestly that Cornish football is in a good healthy state , no can can blame the likes of saltash , mousehole , helston for getting out and there will be a lot more trying to join them .
  4. So 3 gaps for the west means Truro perranporth and ludgvan are in obviously
  5. Good there’s too many random teams popping up everywhere , let these players go to a club with facilities pitches changing rooms clubhouses,
  6. Christ Dave your as bad constantly asking this question every time al posts ,leave it your just as BORING !!!
  7. Surprised no ones picked up on the fact that the fella lee Robinson is it the assistant last year who took a managers job up the line isn’t there , to me it seems he must of been the one who gave the players the desire and direction , maybe Massey is just an open check book looking for guidance.
  8. Ref helston think with weds and today shows how much they are missing the fella Robinson who was assistant last year . And how much idea Massey and his new assistant have .
  9. Older this topic started off interesting now it’s essentially you talking to yourself !!!
  10. You’d also get some teams and a lot of (senior players) that certainly wouldn’t FANCY it , on some of the small fields for pitches it would be difficult to play football and a lot of it would come down to heart. Yep there may be a hammering or two but I’d expect there would be a lot more really difficult/interesting ties. it would make for real interest in a full county cup .
  11. I’d love to see a county cup across all the levels starting at ( junior level ) and the bigger (senior clubs) come in at a later stage, imagine a 3rd round tie of say Bodmin having to play down at say cury or Constantine, and all these home junior clubs can charge a senior gate fee . I’d think that would draw more interest than all these cups kicking about at the moment .
  12. Too many clubs too many leagueS whole thing gets dilluted, the Cornish fa need to take control , does anyone not agree that there was nothing wrong with the Jewson and jolly’s leagues tbf the old combination 80s/90s league was probably a better standard than today Cornwall premier. all I know is we can all mention say 20 clubs within around 5 miles of where anyone liveS ,that’s gotta be wrong , 20 supermarkets , 20 pubs , 20 any sort of clubs cannot exist and most would go out of business why should football clubs be any different. my take is have 2 “ senior leagues” whole of the county , 4 “ junior leagues “ split across the county . Bin all other Saturday leagues , forcing the start a new / rent a pitch clubs to fold or play Sunday mornings at 9 am .( who would chose that over a Saturday afternoon) Also ref youth football again someone needs to put a stop to KIDS CLUBS , tie all into Towns football clubs , this would need certain clubs to get with the times and also youth coaches need to teach life lessons about get what you put in ,and then if fly by kids fall away earlier so be it but I’d expect all kids with love of the game should then progress to the TOWNS club they have grown up playing for . in theory there needs to be a massive overhaul and guess everyone involved in football from the ccfa, people running leagues ,people running clubs , people running youth football , youth football coaches and perhaps players themselves are all to blame for the demise in Cornwall big big job to properly sort this out . Where to start is the question ? Ccfa and the big senior clubs/towns . Newquay, Falmouth , st austell, penzance weighbrige Bodmin pothleven and possibly even TRURO if they are bothered. Need to get together and find a solution. Cause all this getting by can’t go on !!! Maybe but they are probably making the situation struggle worse Cannot disagree with any of that however there’s more problems than them surely
  13. This whole club falling things a biggie , and youth football is involved as well a people that run the men’s clubs guess there’s no right or wrong but my take is for sure there’s too many clubs , in my area alone you have .( and I’m sure penzance area is the same )In order of seniority. falmouth town 1-2-3 Wendron athletic 1-2-3-4 penryn athletics 1-2 perranwell 1-2 mawnan Smith 1-2 constantine 1-2 falmouth dc falmouth United thats 17 teams in a 3 mile radius, never gonna work !!! Falmouth United and Falmouth dc have nothing no ground /land no clubhouses, don’t even know if they have changing rooms , why were these clubs formed , because these kids /players weren’t wanted needed and some senior clubs and these owners too set in there ways to see the need for youth . so Parents( who know nothing about football ) then set up new rent a clubs for these kids to play . It’s a vicious circle too many clubs not enough players . So youth/parent coaches AND senior clubs are all ruining Cornish football . Falmouth United/ Falmouth community two youth clubs in Falmouth who’ve no affiliation with a club !!! stupid !!!where do these kids go at 16 . yep work patterns are changing yep more youngsters go to university than years gone by . But untill all senior clubs start to run 1 club as in using facilities , grass clubhouses for 6 year olds through to 1st teams , and take control of this themselves Cornish football will get even worse . jumpers for goalposts etc is old but not necessarily wrong back in the day under 13s u14s etc wanted to win and if you weren’t any good you wouldn’t get in the team now kids can sit infront of there x box for 2 weeks solid and play at the weekend cause it’s this play for all ,crap giving no concept of life . You get out what you but in !!!!! coaching helps but too much coaching mothers . all I know is out of the clubs mentioned above the only one thriving is Wendron with 4 teams every week and a youth section , so guessing they are trying to do it right , quality may be lacking ( in the youth ) but that’s because stupid rent a clubs are on the doorstep have have first refusal on all the kids locally but are not teaching them the right way . so harsh as it sounds I wish all these kids and rent a clubs would off and men’s clubs(Seniors) that have been around and established for years start to take a more pro active role and look to youth As ultimately they will be the ones stopping these clubs folding . But unfortunately yep Cornish football is in a bad way both in terms of standard and interest . you senior guys running senior clubs take the bull by the horns and sort it out and fold all these pop up clubs . over and out .ps UTT
  14. What a load of , if they weren’t there the language from the players would boom around and that’s probably worse , there does seem a lot of negative towards the f troop I’m not a town supporter but they are ace . Imagine how good it would be if all Cornish clubs had a group/crew like them . Not up the town if that’s what utt. but for sure up the troop
  15. Solid helston really ? There defence is a joke .
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