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  1. We at St Just are hosting Rosudgeon 1st team this Friday, 6.30pm kick off at Lafrowda Park. Unfortunately the ref that was originally booked for this friendly has had to cancel, so anyone who is free and interested please contact Joe on 07837456363.
  2. Unfortunately the Trelawny League have to wait until everyone else has sorted themselves out. So we are always last to find out! In regards to sides leap frogging, whilst I don't agree with it, the option was there for any club to apply to either St Pirans or Combo since they had openings (although no issues at all with Mawnan and Goonhavern going up). It was my understanding the league is due to start 14th August, with all league secretary's being sent the proposed leagues for the upcoming season. With a couple of Premier sides folding, lots of sides have found themselves pushed up a division, however with the league unofficially completing, promotion and relegation was optional. This is why some sides have gone up a division and some haven't. The proposed divisions are: Premier: Threemilestone West Cornwall Camborne School Of Mines Troon Stithians Newlyn Non-Athletic St Just Constantine Praze Ludgvan Res Mawnan Res Div 1: Penzance Res Frogpool & Cusgarne Illogan 3rds Chacewater St Buryan St Day 3rds Rosudgeon Res St Erme Perranwell Res Culdrose Res Redruth United Dev Div 2: Frogpool & Cusgarne Res St Ives Mariners St Ives Town Res Famouth United Threemilestone Res Holmans Res Wendron 4ths New Inn Titans Tregony Goonhavern Res Falmouth DC Div 3: St Agnes 3rds Carharrack Lanner Lizard Argyle Res Dropship Constantine Res Probus Mount Ambrose Troon Res Mullion 3rds Stithians Res Div 4: Storm St Just Res Perranporth Res Wendron 5ths Falmouth United Res Dropship Res Goonhavern 3rds St Keverne Ruan Minor Mousehole U21s Helston Raiders --- Seems pretty straight forward to me, with the benefit of all leagues having equal teams for once. We have a date and we have our leagues. Unless for some reason another side folds or a side doesn't get voted in, I don't see the issue. Once the voting has been completed and the above finalised, I'm sure we will have fixtures announced soon enough.
  3. Been following this thread for months, as find it very interesting! We at St Just have recently been accepted for FF funding over the next few years for pitch works, so have had various vertidraining, weed killer, seeding and fertiliser works carried out recently. However we have been told that to see the benefits we need to increase the amount we're cutting the pitch (currently carried out by a local groundsman with his tractor). We would like to maintain and cut the pitch ourselves moving forwards, but just out of curiosity, what mowers are people predominantly using to cut their pitch? We have a limited knowledge and wouldnt want to buy something that is either overkill, or not man enough! Any advice is good advice and would be much appreciated. Every days a school day 👍
  4. St Just are looking for either a home or away friendly for Saturday 10th July. Unfortunately this is the only Saturday we can do with other dates booked. Message on here or ideally call/text 07837456363 if you're interested. Cheers, Joe
  5. As you know Dave our ground is quite big, so the total cost was just shy of £30,000. I did all of the plans, submitting of planning permission and statements myself, so that would be an additional cost too. Luckily I was successful in obtaining a grant to help cover a lot of the costs, but even with that, it wasn't a cheap job!
  6. Not to be rude, but what do you think a fence is for? Unfortunately the pitch is treated as a public park, where our volunteers have to clean up after those who disrespect the property time and time again. Dog walkers who let their animals foul all over the pitch is one reason. Hardly want to be picking up after other people's dogs when you have an adults game on Saturday and then youth games on a Sunday? Let alone midweek training. You then have the adolescents who use the dugouts as a den to drink and sell drugs. They also feel the need to break in to the changing rooms on occasion, which is very nice of them. Local kids are on the pitch and in the goals every evening in the summer and again have caused £100s worth of damage only recently to the box nets. Newly turfed goal mouths now a box of mud. On occasion they also have been seen climbing up and running along the roof of our stand. If they fell, who's to blame? Is it you, rougvie? I thought not. Lastly, we use our car park for local residents, who in turn pay a small fee to help with the upkeep of the club. This has forever been abused and results in no parking for players on match days. The fence is see-through and hardly noticeable unless up close to it. I hope this answers your question 👍
  7. Praze 1-3 St Just (HT 1-0) Don't normally write anything, but no word from Adam yet...? With the wind blowing from end to end, it was a game of 2 halves. However, St Just dominated both and deserved their 3 points. Praze didn't make the most of the wind, however scored a worldie with 5 minutes to go of the first half against the run of play. Second half St Just had a plethora of throw ins, corners and crosses, and eventually broke down the resilient Praze defence. From then, it was one way traffic. Several niggly fouls by both sides, but to be expected in a competitive game that has a mutually respected rivalry. Must say it was well reffed by Paul given the circumstances. Always enjoy a game vs Praze, win lose or draw (done all 3), and look forward to seeing you again next season 👍
  8. Easy to say but hard to introduce a new risk assessment 3 days before match day. I can only see us going ahead behind closed doors - a scenario I'm surprised St Pirans didn't go for. Don't get me wrong, safety first, but Tier 3 allows the sport to go ahead and behind closed doors fixtures would at least keep us going.
  9. No need to get grouchy, you boys battled well and earned your point. No bitterness here, I was just giving an honest review of the game 👍
  10. Despite dominating proceedings, having the ball in the net 4 times, and missing a plethora of chances, St Just couldn't get the job done and Praze somehow came away with a point within the last 5 mins. Illogan 1st team's Barrie Wyatt making a difference when he came on off the bench, but Praze never gave up and took both their 2 chances in the whole game well. See you later in the season 👍
  11. St Just 8-0 Illogan 3rds (HT 2-0) Illogan stayed compact and defended deep first half, but eventually couldn't deal with the constant St Just attack. A moment of madness saw the Illogan keeper sent off for a headbutt after conceding his 5th, letting the rest of his side down. As before, Illogan competed well and a good bunch of lads. See you in the new year 👍
  12. 9 between the two of them (5 for Ellis, 4 for Meags). The other for young George Harry. Thanks to frogpool for staying for a drink, good bunch of lads 👍
  13. St Just 3-1 St Ives Res (HT 1-0) Good competitive game. St Just goals from strikers Ellis x2 and Willis. St Ives Res a good side and good bunch of lads. Thanks for staying for a drink 👍🍺
  14. A conclusive result in the end, despite a strong Illogan start holding the score at 1-1 for the first 25 mins. Second half St Just missed a hat full of chances and the score line should've been bigger, however I'd like to mention the young lad in the middle for Illogan 3rds (number eight) who had a very good game. 😎👍
  15. Seen a few results on the full time site, however nice to have some match reports.
  16. Scott Rowe. Unfortunately no official ref but Scott did a very good job.
  17. St Just 4-0 Ludgvan Res Thank you to Ludgvan for staying for a beer, and also to our stand in ref Scotty. Ludgvan only registering one shot on target, but battled well. Just over 100 people watching spread out across the ground. Goals from Ellis x3 and Joshy Attwood.
  18. As things stand, St Just are without a referee for their home fixture vs Ludgvan Res this weekend. Should be a good competitive game, we will pay the usual referee fee plus a drink afterwards to make it worth the trip. If anyone is available to referee this game, please get in contact with us on here or message Joe on 07837456363.
  19. Just want to thank the Constantine lads for staying for several beers after our game today. Most teams wouldn't bother, especially with a long trip back, but it was much appreciated. Will make sure we return the favour up at your place 👍🍺 A high quality game, with Constantine playing nice football throughout but never really testing the St Just goal. St Just missed 3-4 clear cut chances over the course of the match, but finally got their reward when a last minute Jack Willis shot/cross found its way in with the help of a defender.
  20. Leagues are all on Full Time now, just had a check. Newlyn NA have stayed in Prem because Titans have folded their first team by looks of it.
  21. I think the smaller divisions is a good idea. It at least gives us half a chance of cup competitions too! The proposed divisions look a lot more balanced than recent years, so I think they've done really well given the circumstances 👍 Can't see any reason for clubs to oppose the plan. I think when the Combo and Trelawny merge there will have to be a full restructure anyway. P.S the bar is still open on a Tuesday evening down St Just, so no need to worry!
  22. Sounds good to me Dave and hopefully for you and all involved it stays sustainable. Always welcome down at St Just pre-season or we don't mind the small trip up the road! 👍
  23. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52052351 As if it all never happened! There was never going to be a fair way of doing it, with so many leagues in so many different scenarios. A shame but hopefully all clubs regroup and go again strong next season!
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