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  1. A player was supposedly confirmed to have it!
  2. It was fully booked if I’m right in thinking for seating before & during, but after the game yes it was open to players & crowd!
  3. If they only found out, why would they of done the deep clean on Christmas Day? Seriously doesn’t make any sense of how the game was even played with them obviously knowing about the 3 cases within the club!
  4. Something from the statement saltash released about the positive cases does not add up, if they knew about the 3 positive cases in there club on Xmas Eve surely for safety of fans & players the game should of never been played? regardless of the deep clean they so called did on Christmas Day! They should of at least kept the clubhouse shut due to the positive cases in there? Seems like they wanted to cash in on the 300 sell out. Now people have to had self isolate and lose out on potential income and put potentially vunerable people at risk!
  5. If he passed the ball once in a while he would actually be an even better player, they pay outrageous money for him. Just cant figure out how that helston team get paid what they do, both teams to be fair played like pub teams!
  6. Having watched yesterday both teams very poor footballing wise specially with the budgets they both have, didn’t see 5 passes strung together from both sides just the long ball! If blazey knew where the net was it would of been over by half time! Fair play to that tucker lad he takes every throw in, free kick & corner, surprised he didn’t go back and take the goal kicks yesterday🤣
  7. Bodmin absolutely horrfic, team made of up players good 5-6 years ago! St Austell very well organised and would of won even if Bodmin had 11🤣
  8. Not bothered about the money, none of the squad has been hence the loyalty shown for the last 4,5 even 6 seasons👍🏻
  9. Lorenz going no where, loyal squad for several seasons now and that’s the way it will be staying! Why would he join a sinking ship like bodmin?😂
  10. the top corners you could pretty much not see the ball specially when in the air, temporary lights they had in were a shambles! Player safety comes into it, game simply should of just been reversed with the problems they had against Newquay, game wise liskeard apart from a 5 min spell looked comfortable with a goal within 2 mins and could of had more, blazey poor at the back!
  11. The tackle on warnock? Nothing wrong with it fair tackle ball was there to be won and was! Poor lad had a torrid game from start to finish with Lorenz running rings round him all night long
  12. Recovered from a knee injury & staying at a very promising young liskeard side this year
  13. He got the ball first, maybe got the player after a little bit, but it was no where near a red card at all! Completely out of order for his father to run on the pitch and try and swing for the liskeard defender! Never witnessed something like that before, disgusting!
  14. Your mistaken there as bar 4 the whole 1st team squad when available is made up of all liskeard based players, relating to asking 2nd team helping us! And no it wasn’t a possibility at the time to think we’d have 8 out unavailable for this fixture!
  15. Bare 11 down there Saturday with 2 injured as it is, 8 unavailable due to holidays, injury’s & work commitments! The 2nds are mainly Plymouth based as it is so your asking a lot to commit on a Tuesday night to go to Falmouth! Haven’t money like most clubs to throw at players to help us out! Maybe going through a tough patch but we’re all mates and been together in this team for the last 6 seasons through a lot worse times then just this one game!
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