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  1. Never heard of a draw for the final before. 😂😂 Semi-final draw made couple of weeks ago.... Newquay v Helston Penzance / Falmouth v Saltash What's the odds on Saltash v Falmouth in semi of SWPL Cup also ?
  2. Any team that has beaten a side that has notched up 18 consecutive league wins fully deserves Team of The Week in my eyes. Out of interest what reward does a club receive for winning ?
  3. What money is that ? From what I have read from your posts you're always pleading poverty 😂😂😂
  4. FISHERMAN'S DEFENCE ALL AT SEA Porthleven 0 - 3 Launceston Took this match in as Mrs Winters has always wanted to visit Porthlevens Church on the Pier. Warm welcome and what seemed good facilities, unfortunately the football was not as good. With both sides struggling for recent form expected a much closer contest, however Porthleven's defending was woeful at times. Their Management and Player discipline also poor. Overall well officiated with the best team taking the honours come the final whistle.
  5. Rumour is match has been postponed so that Bodmin avoid a fifth consecutive defeat. 😂😂😂
  6. It's not yet Christmas and the following SWPL West Division clubs have already been eliminated from all cups competitions and therefore only have league matches left to play...... Bodmin, Godolphin, Porthleven, St Dennis, Sticker and Wendron. Be interesting to know people thoughts on what these clubs should be targeting for the remainder of the season ? Personally never thought the likes of Bodmin and Porthleven's seasons would be down the pan this early on.
  7. I see that this evenings Cornwall Charity. Cup tie at Mousehole is to be streamed live via Facebook. Just wondering whether this will deter potential spectators from attending in favour of watching at home with the knock on impact of reduced gate takings, for which I am told a percentage goes to a nominated and derserving Charity. Out of interest welcome the thoughts of others on this topic.
  8. Surely if Helston have breached rules and played 50% of their SWPL team they will be deducted the points and receive a fine. Don't the rules state no more than 3 players who have played in last 21 days ?
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