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  1. You can’t even spell the name of your home ground 🙈
  2. Yea great attitude that 👏👏
  3. So It’s being kept on the quiet then to avoid any out of script distractions.
  4. I think a programme should be mandatory practice, a nice tradition worth keeping
  5. Isaac would you happen to know when the AGM is ? Will you be Chairing the meeting ? I will need to make travel arrangements so will need sufficient notice.
  6. I think you’re barking up the wrong path Isaac ?? If you’re not getting consistent information from your secretary or whoever’s sounding a meeting then maybe there’s a reason that they don’t want you there ?
  7. I suppose you get to make those calls without consulting a committee when your the Life President ?
  8. Life President 😂 You must have invented that position yourself because there’s no way the committee would have voted for that !
  9. I’m not going to get into pettiness on here I will approach the committee and meet with yourselves before the Agm
  10. Take a wander up the town and ask the opinions of the people yourself ?? Why the protective stance when confronted with the possibility of a new manager at St Just Afc ? New ideas, new players, new ethos etc, from what im hearing all the members want change but in a respectful manner so why not embrace it ? Always such a taboo subject but come on we're all adults ! Things change people change move on And yes when the change happens you'll know who i am and why im referred to as the money man. And whats your position at the Club to have these decision making style views? President, committee, trustee?
  11. The locals want change Issac and it’s a fair statement, great service which needs applauding but with respect inevitably the Club needs a new direction now, change is a good thing don’t be afraid of it embrace it.
  12. again nothing about disrespecting anybody or judging anyone’s commitment, with all this taken into account whoever it may be they should not be exempt from a change at the helm, yes I applaud anybody for lengthy service but it inevitably becomes “stale” and attracting players becomes more and more of a task
  13. Wazza, again not questioning any commitment and what anyone has done for any Club ! You’re missing the point, it’s just merely what is coming from the People associated with the Club and both Clubs members ! Don’t take it personally, a manager is a huge voluntary commitment but it’s also not a compulsory one ! They are Clubs within communities and if the majority of people associated with the Clubs want a change of management then that’s what needs to happen ! I’m sure they will recognise and appreciate any service given to the Clubs, the winds of change are definitely blowing.
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