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  1. As I have mentioned elsewhere. it does not help the cause having Plymouth Argyle playing at home on the same day. Especially as they are doing so well!
  2. Looking at the attendances in the division below ( i.e. Div One South), these are on aveage pretty much on a par with what Truro City are attracting now. As an aside, I watched some of the City Reserves match away at Homans (Camborne) on Saturday and there were practically no spectators at all. However, there was a decent crowd on the adjacent pitch watching a rugby match!
  3. I lived in Bournemouth from 1959 until 1969 and have supported Boscombe ever since.
  4. This has all the makings of a re-run of the Wimbledon/MK Dons saga.
  5. Serious question: Do the owners of Truro City FC really care whether or not the team ever plays in Cornwall again?
  6. Maybe one major reason for the size of the crowd was the fact that Plymouth Argyle were also playing at home and they are on a good run at the moment,
  7. While Truro City are playing no closer than Plymouth, they may just as well be playing on the moon for all the enthusiasm that I can generate this season.
  8. Porthleven v St Austell. St Austell did OK, but they were up against a very poor side so don't read too much into this performance. The pitch looked first class. The weather was lovely. So why couldn't Porthleven play any meaningful football?
  9. I see that Truro City are charging extra for people who wish to buy their tickets at the gate rather than in advance. Are SWPL clubs doing the same?
  10. Please read the newspaper again. I have just googled this "story" and it says something similar to ,but totally different from, your interpretation.
  11. By the time that the new season gets under way, most of the holidaying masses should be away back home, taking any bugs with them. We who are left will no doubt have been sensibly obeying all the advice and will emerge fit to watch local football whilst still social distancing where bubbles are not available.
  12. By the time this coronavirus thing is over, I doubt that the construction industry will see the development of Treyew Road as a priority. Will the developers have the money to proceed? Will any retailers have the money to proceed?
  13. Video highlights are available on Swindon Supermarine's website.
  14. With games coming thick and fast, they could do without picking up injuries. It looked to me like two players will not be available for the next game (i don't know the names!?!)
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