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  1. Terrible for Saltash, not the best start for them really, drawing with St Austell and now losing to Elburton. Saw that James Ward was back on the bench for Parkway, how long till he's back with us F troop!? 🎉
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the Parkway assistant claim to be some sort of "Football Consultant" on twitter? I wonder if he will tweet about that?
  3. A great game for us neutrals, O Brien superb all night, they could do with swapping him with Ward, unfortunately SWPL is his level. Parkway will win the Western League, they were missing some quality in that line up. Saltash will also win the SWPL still a top quality team.
  4. I'm afraid that's incorrect, they both agreed to sign yesterday, great double signing for Gilby. Is Justin Miles still at Newquay?
  5. Bumped Into Ed Timmons at the beach the other day, he says a few players unhappy with the amount of signings going on, hes off to Bodmin and taking Slateford with him.
  6. Expect to see the couple of local midfielders at Helston re sign with them! Good mates with the manager.
  7. Anyone got any early transfer gossip? Saltash - Dane Bunney working hard behind the scenes and signing a couple of players from Parkway/Torpoint. Lewis Young to sign and replace Richards goals! Blazey to sign some quality and really make a push this season, I expect Levi to sign on and stay with them this year.
  8. Great game at Kimberley yesterday, two great sides who will IMO finish in the top two this season with Helston finishing 3rd. Rheiss McLean far too good for this standard of football, should be playing much higher. Great win for St Austell as well against a good Newquay side, how many times has Giles been sent off recently? Players & management must be fed up of that by now?
  9. Staggered by this squad! These players not even asked; Ryan Richards - best striker in Cornwall Dave Barker - best RB in Cornwall Chris Menhennick - best LB in Cornwall Neil Slateford - best MF in Cornwall. And then your picking absolute nobodies from Sweden and Australia? Crazy, and they wonder why people aren't getting behind them?
  10. Don't have to of played together! That's a great stat though!
  11. Can anyone name any father and son combinations who played south western league/peninsula league? My two favourites... Al Watts and Martin Watts Jack Rapsey and Mark Rapsey Got any others?
  12. Don't think anyone is that bothered to be honest Geoff. Where were you when Falmouth were woeful under Westy and getting bopped each week? Absolute tosh.
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