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  1. Wow another clown with a false name and account ! you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, our clubhouse hasn’t had one penny spent on it in years anyone visiting it would bare witness to that, every penny we raised with some donations from other clubs went on debt, so before you come on here quoting absolute garbage get your facts right. we also care about other grassroots clubs and have donated to other clubs recently.to help whenever we can. You can pop down and see me for a chat and I will provide you with accurate information regarding our club if you are grown up and adult enough to do so but I doubt that very much what an idiot !!
  2. Not at all, it is us not just accepting something that would affect our club ! you obviously know nothing about running a grassroots club , maintaining finances stability and everything else attached to it and you certainly know nothing about our club, I don’t care what Torpoint do they run themselves and they have no effect on us so wind your neck in !!
  3. We would also have to drive past Saltash to get to games so let me guess that would be ok then !! We don’t need to suck anything up or off and don’t need you to tell us to withdraw as I’m sure some of you down west would enjoy. You enjoy your opinion and we will stick with ours ! Im not against change either the problem is it could kill us as a club that’s my only concern
  4. We shall see as I am guessing you know very little or nothing of our appeal and reasoning. or maybe you are one of our esteemed archaic self serving FA representatives that don’t like to be challenged. Oh yeah Al it’s the west division now !
  5. Al it’s a joke, no thought process to the decision, no consultation period with any of us supposedly involved in this huge decision, no mention of Saltash or Launceston as they are apparently west of Millbrook and Torpoint on the map. this is 2019 not the dark ages really poor and we will not go without a fight. We have worked so hard to get to this point and it could be ruined. We will be appealing the decision on good grounds and we will decide our own destiny, considering we started with nothing and have achieved what we have on our own, we are a small budget less club but we won’t be bullied by the league or FA.
  6. We are currently in the top 8 and see absolutely no benefit finishing in the top 6 of the East league whilst our expenditure goes through the roof. This is a draft decision that we are not accepting, we have no player budget at Millbrook and are not ready to travel all over Devon because of a poor decision by the league and FA, it could damage our club beyond repair.
  7. Most of our current squad and management team are Cornwall based. As this is a draft document we have not agreed anything so Saltash, Launceston and Callington will still have to play a part in the final decision as we are completely opposed to this decision. We are definitely opposed to this decision as it’s ridiculous. Saltash have ambition, budget and Plymouth based players and are geographically closer on a main arterial route, we would have to pass them to play games in the east which the league stated wouldn’t happen. we don’t travel as the crow flies and a poor mapping system using longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates isn’t acceptable in this day and age without looking at all other obstacles clubs have including routes, travel and additional cost.
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