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  1. First friendly I have watch this preseason and all though it finished 7-0 to parkway I don’t think it told the true story, Callington will take a lot of positive out of the game. Parkway looked very good and sharp but struggled to break Callington down first half second half Callington push forward and made mistake that parkway punished but for me best looking Callington side they have had in the last couple seasons think they will do better this season. Also credit to Callington for not charging on the gate and giving local fans the opportunity watch a good game. their pitch looked fantastic last night for any player that wants to play on a decent pitch you won’t get a better pitch in the league. whats people’s thoughts.
  2. It was windmill reserves from last season as windmill have gone from 2 teams to one team now so they will be first team this year
  3. Be very interesting to see who gets it. Some good mangers their, but some of them haven’t been around a while. Bradley Yeo took a very young side Plymstock seconds and did very well. Martin Mitchell is at ivy bridge I believe. Simon Westlake at DobWalls could see a return. Nick pope and Simon are good friends so this would be the favourite. People talk about experience at this level well apart from top 4 most of the teams are average and some of the players should still be playing P&D football. Simon west lake 1/4 Bradley Yeo 2/1 lee mann 5/1 Wayne Hilton 50/1
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