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  1. Wasn’t aimed at you to be fair. Life in the old dog seemed like a biter
  2. Don’t bite, don’t bite, don’t bite
  3. What a shame for the league. Lovely bunch
  4. Where have four lanes gone?
  5. Falmouth united, mawnan, goonhavern, mullion reserves and dropship I believe
  6. You can only stand with your own household. Who the bloody hell would want to police that
  7. Well they can’t do it this week
  8. It’s the Trelawny league. Most teams don’t have anyone watching anyway
  9. You should be happy that someone bothered acknowledging it
  10. Andrew McKnight if my memory serves me right
  11. I watched Penryn vs Falmouth combo on Boxing Day. 8/9 years ago. The players could barely stand up but the game got played. You had a go at the ref that day aswell
  12. *Neil Pitt. I believe Gareth is the much much older ginger brother
  13. I’m going to have a guess at one being the captain and the other one being his brother?
  14. Louis price has been quality for years. Penzance however have been average for years
  15. Penryns front 2 were Ryan reeve and Harry Pope. Ryan can def play that level, Pope however cannot
  16. I believe the second half should of only been 45 minutes long therefore you gained 60 seconds.
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