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  1. Maybe the ref/keeper/Lino(s) just made a mistake. They are red blooded humans, right?
  2. Forehead? Think you’ll find it’s more of a fivehead. Why are people having a go at him for celebrating a win? There’s a video of the Falmouth first team management running half the length of the pitch and sliding on their knees to celebrate an equaliser. I’m guessing that’s different somehow?
  3. Development team....is that your 2nd team with a super cool name?
  4. Maybe ask your group chat what they were going to gain from taking a photo of some grass?
  5. I heard lee’s taken the balls. Trying to claw back some of the money he spent
  6. So perranwell scored 1 and penryn scored 4, some guy wants a dugout because he’s got loads of subs, another guy has a dugout but no one to sit in it and bude is busy when the sun comes out. Never a dull moment down here
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