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  1. Fiver says that big eared lad with the terrible haircut was involved?
  2. How did Nanpean knock St.Austell out in the quarter final and then play them in the final?
  3. I’m not one for correcting little spelling mistakes. However that is a terrible effort at spelling “Redruth seconds”
  4. Daniel Burt lol doesnt lol mean laugh out loud?
  5. Maybe the ref/keeper/Lino(s) just made a mistake. They are red blooded humans, right?
  6. you’re not really in a position to talk about what’s good banter Tom....not after your twitter remarks. Big Al was merely acknowledging a comment.
  7. Congrats on using lower case again. Proud day. However is there ever a game where you aren’t missing loads of players?? 😉
  8. Forehead? Think you’ll find it’s more of a fivehead. Why are people having a go at him for celebrating a win? There’s a video of the Falmouth first team management running half the length of the pitch and sliding on their knees to celebrate an equaliser. I’m guessing that’s different somehow?
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