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  1. Dagerags, fair comment i posted my last reply before reading your post. I accept now that Pips comments where not directed at Pendeen management team. As i said previously best wishes for the rest of the season and lets let this drop now.
  2. Fanfare ,Pip made a generalised comment that he had heard managers call his players poofs, he did not say which clubs managers had made these comments. I can confirm that no remarks were made from our dug out and if Pip would like to message me with his name and accuse me of making these comments, I will take this to the next step. I am neither homophobic, or a racist and WILL take further action if he cares to directly aim these comments at me.
  3. I was one of the management team yesterday and take great offence to the accusation from you that homophobic remarks where .made from our dug out.This is a very serious accusation and unsubstantiated. As for giving your players abuse,you have got to expect a reaction when your no.9 starts calling the manager a f*****g p***k. At no stage did I personally make any comments directly to any of your players or management staff. I think you guys are a very technically gifted side that is filled with massive egos.Every challenge made against you does not warrant you as a team sreaming and surrounding refs as if a n act of gbh has just been carried out.I personally think you should be asking yourself why no one seems to like you as you have stated in your original post. All said and done I wish you guys all the best for the rest of the season.
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