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  1. Pretty sure they are allowed if they are part of an academy / professional set up
  2. Agreed 100%, and good on them. It seems the opportunities for the much advertised u18s will be limited as see that at least 3 have left
  3. One of the 2 was quoted saying that they didnt receive any calls on communication from the new management throughout their 2 week tenure
  4. Madness. Surely any monies should be spent on the foundations as priority
  5. Wish Pz well. Lets hope Antony has a bit more of a long term view this time, taking into account his recent stints at ludgvan and pz
  6. i guess all the youngsters will play in the reserves, as a few of Helston reserves will no doubt follow Blakey and Tommo to Porthleven
  7. Yes, would think large part of any budget has been spent on management
  8. Yep agreed with Marksy but i think CCFA had to follow the instructions on the central FA so their hands were tied Im lost on the Marazion / Mousehole comment, what happened there?
  9. Set up a new team within an existing club
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