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  1. Who knows!? But I’d question you challenging their commitment
  2. Not committed? From what I’m hearing, floodlights being installed right now, stand being upgraded and various groundwork’s. I wish there were more uncommitted guys around like that at my club :)
  3. Heard yesterday that Alan Carey is joining him at Bodmin next season
  4. Any solid info regarding what the works are that seem to have started at Treyew?
  5. I was pointed out 4 if that helps. Good performance, agreed
  6. I don’t think that’s the case after seeing Allen’s comments
  7. Agreed, great achievement. Year after promo is the real challenge, keeping the boys together like you mentioned. Sticker a good example how tough it is
  8. Agreed, some rebuilding to do and the chiefs who seem to have lost a few key players too recently
  9. Club officials are allowed a sense of humour too right? It was hardly a controversial comment imo
  10. Good luck to Truro today from me, let’s get this poor run turned around, secure safety and build for next season ....
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