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  1. Agreed! Helston seemed to lack ideas and a bitta gusto, whatever that is! 3 points is what counts however
  2. Good on Helston! great youth set up, ground, infrastructure, pitch and a 1st team squad starting to perform.
  3. I’m sure the keeper would be one! A seasons work in one game!
  4. Good game to watch, 2 teams both wanting to play the ball on the deck. Credit to both
  5. Gotcha now! This one is personal, the original was professional 👍
  6. Me too, hence my question earlier whether this statement is just Mr Meads thoughts or an official from Pz
  7. Is this the official line from the club regarding the previous chairman from Pz? As is was my understanding from reading elsewhere on here that Mr Mead is not part of Pz any longer? From an outsider looking in, can see it’s hard work running and maintaining community interest in a club. Good on all that contribute in some way
  8. Couldn’t make the trip up but will surely be there Tues. Great start, early days, but positive signs
  9. Am sure they’ll be an official press release from the club if this is in fact correct
  10. I’m lost So if any player, team or whatever wishes to move to another as they feel it’s in their best interests, that should be frowned upon / not allowed to happen?
  11. They’ve only had a youth section for around 2 years, as mentioned previously. Setting themselves up well for the future I’d say
  12. Yep great start away from home, good to see Hugh involved again too
  13. I think you’ll find they are helping local talent too. They have a youth section with over 200 kids, who get to train with ex-pro’s. Wouldn’t of minded that in my day....
  14. Who applied for the St Pirans if not the committee?? Best of luck on the rebuild regardless!
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