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  1. St Austell not in the vase? Or do they enter at a later stage
  2. Division 2 looks very competitive, Bude Southgate st cleer and nanpean all very good sides
  3. Anyone know what the leauges will look like next season? And how many we will have?
  4. Unless late in the second half going uphill you snap a hamstring 😂
  5. Wouldn't recommend playing at Launceston college 😂 slope is an absolute killer trying to play up hill
  6. Love the idea of home and away cup ties that sounds really good, personally I think a 10 team leauge is far too small, has to be 12 minimum because the season will be far too short otherwise
  7. Chris knight appointed manger for the season
  8. Martin Giles in the dug out? Dear god no😂
  9. Emergency meeting at the club tonight Lee Hodges and Chris Todd have left AFC St Austell
  10. 100 quid a game for Helstons new signings plus bonuses 😂 mad for this level of the game
  11. Rumour has it Martin Giles and Martin duff to st Austell Tom chambers to Bodmin 💷💷
  12. Eddy goldsworth Olly brokes and slateford all depart AFC St Austell for Helston according to twitter
  13. 3 big names gone already. Hopefully new players will be announced soon
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