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  1. Footballlover442

    Trelawny League - Saturday Feb 16 2019

    Up the mighty chuff ⚪⚫
  2. Footballlover442

    SWPL - Saturday 16 Feb 2019

    Another poor performance from Falmouth dropping points once again. Toothless side without Jordan Annear
  3. Footballlover442

    SWPL - Saturday 16 Feb 2019

    Wonderful performance yet again from st Austell. Goals from Liam eddy mark goldsworthy will tinsley and Matt Lloyd. Tavi looked poor defensively looked like they would conceded with every st Austell attack. Up the Lillywhites ⚪⚫
  4. Cullompton rangers 3 Camelford 0 Elburton villa 1 Falmouth town 2 Exmouth 3 Callington 0 Godolphin Atlantic 1 Helston Athletic 3 Ivybridge town 3 Launceston 1 Newquay 0 Millbrook 2 Saltash united 3 Bodmin town 2 St Austell 3 tavistock 1
  5. Good performance from Torpoint or just a terrible Falmouth?
  6. Great win for St Austell today 6-2 against Launceston, eddy with 4 brilliant goals 41 for the season in all competitions. Can't think of many better strikers in Cornwall
  7. Footballlover442

    SWPL - Saturday 26 January 2019

    Bodmin got rid of their under 21s and 2nd team. After youth football their is nowhere to go at Bodmin. If your not good enough for the first team you've got to find somewhere else to play your game. Plenty of other side's around with 2nd teams and 21 sides to help develop young talent. Bodmin is no one's first choice. Going down the drain faster than blazey
  8. Footballlover442

    SWPL - Saturday 26 January 2019

    Bodmin really are falling apart, wonderful to see 😂
  9. Footballlover442

    SWPL - Saturday 12th January 2019

    Poor from helston today 3-2 defeat to elburton missing a penalty as well at 1-0 down, you can stick your 20/20 vision up your helston are nothing other than a mid table side
  10. No idea just know he's not at town anymore
  11. Giler is no longer a town man
  12. Footballlover442

    TRELAWNY LEAGUE - Saturday 12 January 2019

    Bitter as hell, beaten by the better side get over it
  13. Footballlover442

    Looking for a club

    Located in st Austell, need a new team