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  1. Nice to see the players bonus that was due to be paid to the squad for winning the league is going to charity
  2. No 20/20 vision for massey despite his big spending 🤣💷
  3. Gutted the season is over 😔 losty firsts into the cup quarters and in no fear of relegation 🤞 but good news for the 2nds who may now not be relegated to duchy 3 although I guess the league structure may change slightly whenever football is allowed to resume but who knows
  4. Tregrehan Mills 2 Lostwithiel 4 Good shift from the lads move losty into the next round of the cup
  5. Liskeard 2 Launceston 1 Porthleven 2 Penzance 0 Helston 5 Callington 0 Falmouth 4 st blazey 0 Milbrook 1 Saltash 3
  6. Torpoint 3 Holsworthy 0 Mousehole 3 Newquay 0 St Austell 4 Dobwalls 1 Sticker 1 Bodmin 3 Wendron 2 Camelford 1
  7. Clear red for giler. Newquay attacker is through on goal only Chapman to beat when giler rugby tackles him. Tom Chambers wasn't getting there on the cover First penalty. Probably a dive couldn't see it that well but was well saved by Peters who had a solid game in the Newquay sticks Would like to see bowker and bowyer together at some point although stu isn't my type of player at all to slow and goes down at the slightest touch With the fixture back log can definitely see st austell getting a top 3 finish which would be massive for knighter who had to almost re build the side at the start of the season
  8. Went along yesterday to poltair to watch St austell vs Newquay. Very poor game lacking a lot of quality played on a poor surface. St austell just about scraped it with a late penalty although they missed a penalty in the first half Down to 10 before half time as Giles was sent for a poor challenge (very unlike him) although that didn't stop his moaning about it Newquay looked poor in front of goal serval chances wasted. New Town signing stu bowker who looked overweight unfit and slow scored the winning penalty just about squeezed it home. how the club must miss the days of edds and goldie up front they against a good side they will struggle to create anything
  9. Brixham 1 Torpoint 2 Ilfracombe 2 Milbrook 2 Dobwalls 1 Liskeard 2 Falmouth 4 sticker 0 Godolphin 1 st blazey 3 Launceston 0 Helston 3 Penzance 1 Camelford 1 Porthleven 2 st Dennis 0 Saltash 3 Mousehole 2 St Austell 3 Newquay 1 Wendron 2 Callington 1
  10. No one from Saltash like barker or Richards Surprised about the lack of Truro players aswell Many players who don't deserve to be called up like Gilbert and whipp and timmons who are all poor Not a good squad in my opinion
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