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  1. Well at least massey will be happy we've stopped the season. He can spend big bucks to rebuild his squad with players from devon and beyond 😂
  2. Just seen on twitter the duchy leauge is now suspended with no return date
  3. Despite govenrnt advice saying outdoor sports events can still go ahead in tier 3
  4. Tier 3 now confirmed Can we still play football Swpl just been called off
  5. Good performance from St austell on what was a soaking surface, both teams had chances but st austell just about deserved it. Some very silly challenges from the st dennis players before one got sent off mid way through the 2nd half Pitch absolutely wrecked after the game but 3 points will be well worth it
  6. Elburton villa 1 Torpoint 2 Bodmin 3 Camelford 1 Godolphin 2 Launceston 2 Helston 3 penzance 0 Liskeard 1 Dobwalls 1 St Austell 3 st dennis 1 Wendron 1 Porthleven 2
  7. Went along to mountwise this afternoon.... What an absolute shambles the G are awful side at the moment no fight no quality and little effort. Remember a few years ago they were very handy never ever liked playing against them or seeing them play st austell Newquay head and shoulders above their neighbours, good crowd today at Newquay although the pitch was in a poor state and was absolutely freezing Can the G get relegated this season?
  8. Points deduction and a fine incoming I hope. Along with management sacking and players being sacked
  9. It's game on at par track biscovey vs St mawgen 2s has passed it inspection! Might actually get to see some football this afternoon
  10. According to social media afc Bodmin vs North Petherwin will take place at Launceston college 3g
  11. Christchurch 1 falmouth town 2 United services Portsmouth 3 Milbrook 1 Torpoint 3 Torrington 1 Bodmin 1 moushole 3 Callington 0 st austell 2 Helston 3 st dennis 1 Liskeard 2 sticker 0 Newquay 1 Saltash 3 Penzance 0 Camelford 1 Porthleven 2 Wadebridge 2 St blazey 4 godolphin 0 Wendron 2 Launceston 1
  12. St austell should have definitely had a penalty in the 2nd half that wasn't given. Didn't think the ref had control of the game from the very first whistle Didn't think it looked a red for KP a yellow at the very harshest Although Saltash deserved the win but pleased to see st austell never stop the whole game
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