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  1. SWPL fixtures are out and the ECPL have published the opening days games.
  2. They baulked on going to Launceston last season and I have a feeling it will happen again but like I said, I hope I'm wrong.
  3. Isn't Thackeray the journeyman who went to Porthleven for big bucks?
  4. 100% agree. Most clubs have two teams and should fulfil all games
  5. I can't see Mullion making it to Saltash. I really hope I'm wrong.
  6. It depends how you define east. Any team east of Wendron? East of St Austell? East of Launceston? And the Junior and Senior Cups are the biggest competitions in Cornwall. It's a one day out. If away, hire a coach and have a team bonding day with much alcohol. Make a day of it. If at home, have it coincide with a race night or something to raise funds for the club.
  7. I'm sure someone said that a club can appeal against not going up?
  8. They know the people to speak to to facilitate this. If they were to do it, would they expect to see you when Mousehole rock up for the first game?
  9. Over to @mattelot, @Mike Odgers, @Numpty, @Quiet Man and any others involved at Falmouth to ensure Mr Toy gets a smile when paying the entry charge!
  10. Because the two clubs are unhappy about playing on the same day
  11. Still haven't head a suggestion from Mr Toy....
  12. Phil Hiscox is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Seeing as all the teams are from Cornwall, play on alternative Fridays. Simple.
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