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  1. SWPL fixtures are out and the ECPL have published the opening days games.
  2. They baulked on going to Launceston last season and I have a feeling it will happen again but like I said, I hope I'm wrong.
  3. 100% agree. Most clubs have two teams and should fulfil all games
  4. I can't see Mullion making it to Saltash. I really hope I'm wrong.
  5. It depends how you define east. Any team east of Wendron? East of St Austell? East of Launceston? And the Junior and Senior Cups are the biggest competitions in Cornwall. It's a one day out. If away, hire a coach and have a team bonding day with much alcohol. Make a day of it. If at home, have it coincide with a race night or something to raise funds for the club.
  6. Who will do the fixtures and will there be tradition Boxing Day games against local clubs? Falmouth playing Penryn instead of Perranwell or the weird way the Combo did it.
  7. They were for Barawa, not St Dennis. Although Graham Allen probably did line the St Dennis game.
  8. Some people can't get online because they don't have the internet. If no programmes it would be good if clubs had whiteboards so the casual visitor could cross off the players. Personally I can't see why a one page team sheet couldn't suffice. Social media is good when the clubs use it. My mate went to watch Mousehole Reserves but there was no mention anywhere that it had been moved to Marazion.
  9. When clubs aren't winning, people are reluctant to post things. Kernow beat St Dennis 5-0 a few weeks ago, we still don't know who the officials were. And some people can't get online.
  10. "In October 1950, Fanfare wrote in his column in the Newquay Express, "I have been accused of being unduly jittery in a recent article about the menace of the South Western League. When the names of the Devon and Cornish clubs who heartily support the idea, are published, they have not as yet for fear of victimisation for the rest of the season, there will be plenty of surprises. You see gentlemen there's a whale and not a red herring in the offing" These words sum up the uncertainty felt within the Duchy with regard to the formation of the new league, the clubs about to leave the old Senior League were regarded as 'rebels', but nevertheless the SWL was formed in December 1950 with six Cornish and six Devon clubs. The founder member clubs were Barnstaple, Bideford, Falmouth, St Austell, St Blazey, Newquay, Newton Abbot, Penzance, Plymouth Argyle, Torquay United, Truro City and Saltash. Mr R.J.R. Blindell was the League's first president, Mr G.H. Gillin chairman, Mr F.C. James of St Austell vice chairman, Mr R.J. Butler of Newton Abbot secretary and treasurer, and Mr A. Jewels of Chagford registration secretary. Mr Blindell donated a silver bowl for the league winners and the Sunday Chronicle donated the SWL Challenge Cup. In season 1955/56 the SWL was at loggerheads with the CCFA due to the fact that the SWL sought precedence over the Senior League, perhaps not surprisingly as the Senior League was composed of the reserve sides of SWL clubs. The SWL threatened to start a second division of the league, but in the event the Cornish clubs did not support the idea. Despite these initial teething problems and Fanfare's prophesies of doom, time has proved that the league was soundly constituted as it remains today thirty seven years on the premier league within the County. Taken from the 1987/88 South Western League Cup Final programme.
  11. I watched a North Devon League game this season and was amazed that rolling subs was not accepted at the AGM. The vote fell well short.
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