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  1. imo..players should sign for the club only.If their coming bk from injury or struggling to get in the 1st team or no game they play for the reserves. Hard on the club's that only have 1 team but at least it would guarantee players have no choice but to play for the club they sign for. im sure ludgvan, pz and mousehole have all been in this situation before. many times. you get the same 5 or 6 big name pretty boys moving around the 3 club's leaving the club they played at last in the sht after they've bombed out the loyal 1ns when they 1st joined...stick with the loyal club men not the big name tossers and you probably wouldn't be in the same position every other year .
  2. Perranporth turned up at newmoore for a no show from new moor...wat happens with points ?

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