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  1. I believe this game may well have been reversed to Parkway now.
  2. Sam Doble. St Austell based. Looking for ECPL/ St Piran or SWPL. 07791045096. Am happy for anyone to give me a shout to do a game.
  3. It does seem to be done on a geographic basis. I feel for Gerrans/ St Mawes personally. They already play in a league at exactly the same level as the Combo and have not been accepted in which is a bit strange in my opinion. Totally get that it's been done democratically with a vote but don't think voters actually thought much about which teams deserved to be there. St Newlyn East, in a very good position to win Duchy Premier which would mean they had as much right to go up as Holmans and you could say more right than Illogan and Ludgvan or is it still the old thing of St Newlyn East being Duchy league so people think they should have to apply to ECPL and not have a right to apply to Combo and be successful. Think we need to get to an acceptance that there might be the odd Duchy Prem side from time to time who will apply for Combo and for them to get a fair shout. Does anyone think that had St Newlyn East been in Trelawney Premier and had been in front of Holmans or Illogan that the vote result would have been different? That is a question we need to ask ourselves because if the answer is yes then St Newlyn East should have been voted in in front of some of the other sides I am not linked to any of the clubs this is purely an observation and my opinion.
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