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  1. Spot on, Matt P. Nothing whatsoever to be gained by restarting the season, Everything that 'our clubs' [Western League down] are involved in should be null and void. The only result we would get from playing 6 - 8 weeks would be more people getting infected, lets remember, very few of the active participants will have had a jab by then!!! Ok there may be one or two old timers who may creep in. Billy D perhaps 🤪😁🤣
  2. It's the only realistic and sensible way to go. Personally I would be locking down longer than March as we are nowhere near out of the mire yet. There are still far too many people breaking the rules!!
  3. The boys above beat me to it, Phil Hiscox, the best league administrator by a country mile, not just for his statement regarding the current situation but for his ongoing and historical excellence with the SWPL.
  4. Paul, as is normal with your posts, you have attempted and succeeded in my humble opinion to put a very realistic slant on this situation on behalf of the Duchy League. You, and any league administrator come to that, have the extremely unenviable task of attempting to portray the situation as accurately as possible, we are most definitely in the 'can't please all of the people, all of the time' scenario here. The lack of clear and direct guidance on occasions from above certainly has not helped the situation. We can but hope that the vast majority 'out there' will do the correct thing as ofte
  5. Gone are the days when the Football Herald and Independent were a must read for football fans. Just another reminder for the more elderly amongst us, taint like twas in our days lads!! 😁
  6. Indeed, as per previous posts, Brian spent money hours working for Cornish football in numerous areas, Another of the reliable ‘old brigade’ has sadly passed on. RIP Brian Conyon.
  7. With so much bad press these day the Dobwalls v Falmouth posts made for great reading. Like the good old days. Well done to both clubs including their supporters! 😁🏐😁🏐
  8. Gotta be the poorest goalkeeping displays, at both ends, this level of football has seen for some while!
  9. Just a chance the Referees Appointments list is not accurately updated as it was in the good old days Dave!
  10. Very simply, a Legend. Another of the dying breed of Clubmen passes on. RIP Dave Rawlings!
  11. We went to the wrong school Paul, obviously mate!!
  12. Jordan Annear leaving Tavvy for Bideford according to Stuart Henderson’s FB post. A big loss for the club, He may well be available midweek etc!!!
  13. Mike Davis, Plymouth guy, worked in the dockyard at the time but this would have been some 25 years before the date you quoted. Good keeper. Hope that helps
  14. Matt Pengelly, a legend at Polperro and one of the most respected guys in local football. A pleasure knowing you Matt, caught up with you a couple of years ago after a long while. Polperro, down the years, have seen some real characters and you have been right up there with the best, secretary skills first class also, enjoy your managerial retirement.
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