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    Trelawny & Cups - Saturday 6 October 2018

    Dave Bartlam, I was there as a spectator. I was walking my dog and sat watching the game to the side of some cars. It was obvious that the referee was on the side of the other team, (sorry I can't remember team name) not the home team. Only arriving 10 minutes into the first half so can not comment on what went on before that, it was a very odd game as the home team were not in the same standard as the other team by a long way. They did the best they could with 9 players. I felt real sympathy for them because the referee only awarded 1 free kick to them the time I was observing the game. I was only watching and I have not played football in a long time but it was very clear who's side the referee was on. One ferocious tackle to one of the home teams men was played on with the referee and that happened more than once during the game but seemed to award free kicks galore to the visiting team for easy going tackles. At one point near the end of the game it seemed the referee gave an easy free kick to the visiting team and one of the men on the home team threw his arms up in disbelief, he was clearly very annoyed at the decision but at no time did he use unsavoury language to the ref, he disagreed with the decision but no certainly there was no swearing until he got the red card. I was surprised why he didn't question the referees decision or refuse to be sent off, maybe he was confused but the air went blue once he was shown the red card. I was a little alarmed at his choice some very demeaning swear words for the referee. Although I must say that the referee deserved it. It was a clear cut case of biased refereeing. My dog needed to go to the toilet so I took him to the back of a nearby hedge as I didn't want to foul the ground near the pitch. When I got back I heard that another player had been sent off too but didn't hear why. Dave Bartlam there should be an enquiry into this as it seems very likely that an innocent party has been punished for no obvious reason, what struck me more was that there was not even a warning or anything. That, as a minimum, should have happened.