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  1. Didn't say cheating was ok did I. No. If things work in our favour then all good. Yes its all about staying up. You got that bit right. You sure you support Truro.
  2. Now knowing that Michael is ok, all that matters is if we can do them in the replay. So if not moving him from the pitch works in our favour then so what. Staying up is more important than worrying if he should have been moved or not.
  3. I wouldn't belive a word leeds comes out with. Just look at his previous posts. Laughable. Pure jokes.
  4. Enjoyed that. Good well written report.
  5. Spot on older. That's exactly what I said. Well word's to that effect.
  6. The ground staff were not allowed to roll the pitch due to the say of the chairman and thats not the first time thats happened.
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