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  1. I see from Brandons blog he has been let go. Doesn't fit into our intended style of play. Nice guy, good luck to him.
  2. Torquay was hardly a choice the club made lightly, it was that or go into extinction. We can debate Rivers qualities and his constant arguing with officials, but he gave his all for us. We may probably end up back in the local leagues, wouldn't that make all the non ambitious, bitter rivals happy!!!
  3. Robinson was going to get us relegated and we took a chance with not that many games left, normal in football. The Tully decision I agree, no idea why he was got rid off, perhaps we'll never know. I think there is much more to Lee leaving than money, I could have an educated guess, but I won't on social media. The money hasn't gone at St Austell, he was led up the path by the sound of it, 4 of there best players were already leaving for Helston, despite him being told it was a settled team. Brandon was a gamble that didn't work. We have new owners, are losing players who I didn't think were good enough for Conference south, lets wait and see what happens before the season starts. I've already been impressed by our new fitness coach and I expect further news in the next few weeks. Really looking forward to the new season!!!
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