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  1. What a load of rubbish, a premiership rugby ground but not good enough for Conference football. Be telling us Leeds will get to the premiership next!!
  2. Very happy with the current management team, after the way Lee left us in the lurch I wouldn't think he would be welcomed back. As usual, any opportunity to have a dig at PM, seems to me Leigh is being given plenty of backing, he said recently he was more than happy with the budget for players and i'm sure understands that these things have to be kept under wraps.
  3. Looked a cracking goal from the far end, shame we couldn't nab a draw. Hopefully a few new converts tonight.
  4. Well i'll be the first to thank Peter and Pepe for all they have done to save the club and keep this level of football in Cornwall. Its not been an easy ride for them i'm sure. Lets hope our new owners are billionaires from Dubai!! Don't think so somehow. Lets hope we get a decent crowd and a win on Tuesday to give them a fitting send off.
  5. Decent crowd considering it was such a miserable night.
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