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  1. Cracking game at underlane, both teams had good chances to win the game Dan Richards with both goals for St day
  2. i’m sure illogans players were more then happy to have a game either way
  3. I was also at Mountwise on boxing day, agree the G keeper kept the score down but a lot of Newquay’s pressure came from his poor kicking, G are so inexperienced and its not an ideal league to be in when your trying to rebuild, hope they can build in time to stay up. Newquay looked tidy with and without the ball
  4. If the lads going to carry on playing then he’s going to have to put up with it all, heard he was sent off too A retaliation to something said 🤔
  5. Any news when and where this is taking place yet?? is there a squad been put together yet??
  6. i really can’t see Tom Butt intentionally going out on the pitch to hurt anyone. hope Browner a speedy recovery, knowing him as well as i do he’ll probably be playing again on Saturday 👍
  7. The ref was shocking must of made the fa a few quid today! st ives players didn’t do themselves any favours by getting on his back at every decision he made.
  8. The wendron linesman was the same at St Day a couple weeks back. the ref had the over rule him 3or4 times!! shocking comes to mind
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