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  1. 2 hours ago, teflon123 said:

    A learning curve with the financial backing and budget at the clubs disposal?!?!

    I would say Plymouth Parkway eclipse any teams budget in this league, should be in the top two as a minimum by now.

    Money talks 99% of the time at any levels.

    Have a day off man. So you know the ins and outs of Parkway's budget? And you also know the ins and outs of everyone else's budget? Clutching at straws because Parkway are successful and actually achieved more than any 2 bit Cornish pub team have?! We'll be laughing when Parkway move up the leagues, pushing the likes of Truro and Torquay for being the second team in the area (no one counts that scum lot from E*eter), whereas all the pub twamd from Cornwall compete for a Sunday pub league

  2. On 22/10/2018 at 10:21, Rob1978 said:

    Whilst the top 6 or 7 clubs in the Swpl are undoubtedly of Western league standard, this was always going to be a big step up for the club due to the leagues strength in depth. Unlike swpl there are no easy games, where you can rest and rotate players and still pick up easy wins. Parkways first 11 is strong but the clubs is exposed by injuries much more than it would have been in the past. The club will finish this season in its highest ever league position, has enjoyed its best ever fa cup run, and remains in two cups. It is also about to build a new clubhouse. Plenty to be cheerful about!!

    Very well put. The Cornish are always there ready to stick the knife in when Parkway lose, but at least they've taken the next step up to further themselves. Outside of the top 6 or so SWPL sides, some are borderline pub teams, who are happy travelling to Tavistock and 'only' losing by a couple of goals. Parkway don't get that luxury at all, every game is a challenge, and therefore the likelihood is yes they will lose more than they did when they were in the lower division. Let's wait and see how poor the Peninsula League is next season once they regionalise it, I reckon they'll be even more pub teams and the standard will drop hugely

  3. 6 hours ago, RobinVanParkway said:

    A very tough game to be honest WOTP. Bitton are a decent side and will be there or therabouts come the end of the season. A smashing win for Parkway and a very good TEAM performance makes the Party Bus truddle along nicely. A full match report will follow shortly..off to Snozzle tonight to watch the Lilly Whites take Bodmin apart ?

    I think MOST on this forum are probably thinking along the same lines RVP. Well, us sane people at least! 

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