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  1. Totally agree No wonder our players are leaving. Just read your article again John, summed it up below Can't get sponsorship because of cornish pirates Can't get volunteers because players change clubs all the time Can't run clubs properly because players have too much control Club can't get a groundsman so i have to do it Can't get large committees these days, coz of players Can't get promoted because to far away Can't have womens team coz Mousehole pinched them. Can't get promoted because ground gradings too high I agree with We To You see everyone else as the problem!
  2. Well you've now made it public knowledge you've got a feud with your ex manager! Daft Deadwood 😂
  3. Unfortunately until the dead wood at the top gets replaced pz are going to continue to purely exist from one bad decision to the next. Such a shame
  4. Apparently joined as chairman 8 weeks ago, drank free beer for weeks then when it came to stumping up the cash this weekend hes done a runner.. Who was responsible for checking this guy out before he joined?
  5. The horses mouth 230, they travel from torquay every week. player of the season was a local boy on less than a 1/3 of that bonkers
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