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  1. i reckon coronavirus has hit masseys income hard lol !!
  2. cant help havin dylsexia jesus christ m8 sorry 4 having an interest in local footy !!
  3. gr8 achievements !! didnt mean to offend u , just interested why u woudlnt of gone higher , for example u dont see strikers gettin 50 league goals in league 2 or conference cus theyd be at a bigger team if they were that good !! i was maybe thinkin u didnt fancy steppin up or maybe u just found ur level and was happy banging goals in every week in local footy . either way i aint slatin those stats lad !!
  4. sounds like he failed to make it at a level above cornwall leg]agues , he must of either lacked ambition or lacked quality to move on up - nothin more than ur local strikers these days !! e.gg. ryan richards n at least hes got sum ambition !! cant blame it tho if ur gunna score 1000 goals in ur local sunday leagues i guess theres still sum enjoyment , i just question the desiar !!
  5. out of interest wots ur career timeline m8 ? couldnt find ur wikipedia page and i didnt follow footy in the olden days lol that aint a dig just wanna know wot the fuss is about tbf so im guessin u must of played a high level
  6. not the most humble brag rappo lad !! maybe check ur wikipedia or failin that sky sports ?? still gr8 achievment tho well done
  7. some people cant handle the truth . is it rude or facts or both ? i dunno but its honesty !!
  8. livin in the past son !! money = success unless ur steve massey lol just look at parkway they are doin it right but its costin em big dollars !! keep a loyal group together is gr8 but it aint the formula 4 trophies m8 , players are only as loyal as there options and most these players dont got many options !! u dont hear of parkway or truro coming in 4 these lads so they aint goin nowhere when they get a full 90 mins n a cheeky pint , not to mention a brown envelope so of course there gunna pretend to be best m8s !!
  9. massey finally realised he been wastin his money davey boy !! wonder who will be next in the dugout ??
  10. gr8 point !! glyn hooper is the replacement 4 robinson n that aint workin. hooper is a proven fraud who talks his way into roles and hes conned massey big time !! dropped more points already this season than they shud all season long , hooper out or more of the same !!
  11. he's a proper danger striker no doubtin it but 2 lose that gut will take years !! i guess thats wot most center backs r like 2 in this league so he'll be fine haha
  12. he's looking a bit 2 beefy these days !! all that cash gettin thrown at him and he's wastin it all in burger king !! the boy needs 2 av a look at himself n lose some timber
  13. 3 games extra played werent it bud ? if parkway arent up this year its huge failure , which would make the transfers out this yr look even more weird !
  14. ayy come on son , you know what the parkway lot are like. any doubt of promotion and i wudnt of been surprised if they paid the refs on the sly lol good fair point sportsman and well said ! progression is most important , be interesting to see if the lads not getting gd minutes stick it out or not
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