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    ludgvan deducted points?

    Hi as a player who played that day up st Dennis it was unfortunate about wat happened and found it sporting of there club to help us out they could offsaid no but helped us out so the game got played dispite the result and yes we were missing few players due to illness but why don’t people get off ludgvan back and talk about wats gone on some where else who side have deployed and no one slagging them off on here u all wondering which team that is that players have left
  2. Hi as an associate of ludgvan fc and a ex player I would wish the people on here would stop slagging this gd club off yes they struggling but wat can a club do when they lost the entire team who finished runners up last year and every week the same people slag them off but end of the day the club has filled there league fixtures bar 1 so why don’t these people who slag them off try and help them and come down to a wonderful club.and how would u feel if they slag ur team of u won’t be happy about it