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  1. If certain people didn’t leave the club then maybe Carharrack wouldn’t be where they are now ?
  2. Could Carharrack blame previous management ? Leaving because they couldn’t get what they needed at the club to progress ? Then majority of the players leaving to go to a new club where they have the facilities which they required ?
  3. Good too see that the st ives boys actually managed to stay behind after the game for a drink and the team food
  4. Great result for the saints, seeing they went 1-0 down before half time and then come out stronger in the second half and scoring 3 goals. Onto what’s going to be a great final with illogan vs st day Lets take one guess where it will be held.....porthleven ?
  5. Looks like a certain someone in the middle didn’t have the best of games. Don’t think that a heat map and a big paragraph will be posted tonight
  6. Well if perran managed to tidy up the holes in the defensive and stopped picking the balls out from the back of the net, then maybe you might of had time to find the other match balls or have they gone where all the money has ? 🤫
  7. Watched perranporth vs st day today, st day dominated the game and punished a very poor perranporth side. Very good performance from the saints today will be very interesting next season with the new league. A little sad to see perranporth could only manage to bring a couple of footballs to the match today ? Maybe the money has dried up ?
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