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  1. Timmons and Whipp would never go back to Bickland under current management! Not on good terms (well not if you heard what they said to the Falmouth bench in the recent Bodmin game!!! Both top players and would be welcome at St Austell!!
  2. It could blow the league wide open - Exmouth up next for Tavistock. With Annear leaving Falmouth and every dropping points - maybe points on the board for Argyle could see them win it!!! But what happens when they cant put a team out for final fixtures like last year - very awkward for the League then!
  3. WOW - BODMIN SMASHING TAVY!!!! 5-1 with twenty minutes to play!!! Who would have thought that! I'm sure there will be plenty of love for the BTFC later on here (Leeds) but credit where credit is due! Did they bring in any ringers?
  4. SWL Veteran

    FA Vase 3rd Rd Draw

    Willand away up there with the toughest ties you can get for me!! BUT - fully expect Saltash and Snozzle to get through
  5. Any news on Bodmin vs Launceston?? goalscorers and line ups?
  6. SWL Veteran

    Parkway recruitment needed

    Jamie Lowry - in (when available) Surprised the likes of Nick Hurst - Harry Evans - Landricombe brothers have not been brought in when tivvy are not playing
  7. SWL Veteran

    Cullompton v Falmouth

    Falmouth drop points again against a side who will finish outside the top 8 - Westy and Co need to look at this because it’s poor considering the quality in ther squad
  8. SWL Veteran

    Bodmin 0 Falmouth 1

    Thought this fixture was interesting but lacked the real quality expected. Goal was lucky but Falmouth looked like a team with a plan in comparison to Bodmin who have no real pattern of play. I think Bodmin have no chance of succeeding in the league but are dangerous in Cup competitions due to the strongest X1. As for Falmouth- i think they are outsiders for the league but who knows!!
  9. After a disappointing run of results - I’m hoping Lee and his management team get a few lads in to stop the rot before it’s too late. After watching a couple games I think there is a need to change a number of places - especially defensively. When Farks is not available - we look poor. Sam Hillson looking short of confidence and lacks pace. I would like to see Mikey Williams return to left back (runs from deep kill teams) and then get a pacy right back so we can go back to attacking down the flanks with full backs joining in! Losing Glynn was a blow and then we have missed the presence of Carter recently (although I heard he’s back at weekend) Finally - I must stress I back Lee to sort this out and still believe we can get promoted this year
  10. Bodmin Town - used to winning things and keeping clean sheets regularly with the likes of Kev Miller etc as part of a solid back line However tonight could see the entire Bodmin defence made up of ex Falmouth town defenders tonight - (Timmons, Whipp, Ash, Clarke). Begs two questions- 1 - why has Westy and co let these boys go? OR 2 - have BTFC inherited lads deemed not good enough? seems a far cry from the defensive line of past seasons!!!
  11. Has this always been fixtured for this Wednesday or have both clubs brought it forward! I will be making my way down to Priory to see this - promises to be full of goals and some tasty battles in prospect. I’m going for a Falmouth win (good recent record against Bodmin) but I think it will be tight. Falmouth’s pace on the break to be deciding factor (but don’t know who is likely to play at the back for Bodmin at this point so may be doing someone a massive disservice if they have recruited any pace at the back) Should be a decent crowd at BTFC - and let’s hope the game lives up to it!!
  12. Well said Stuart - a number of people have criticised you and I see you have got your head down and scored about 10 to date - can’t imagin many defenders looking forward to seeing you and Glynn up against them!!! #battered&bruised
  13. Original topic about competition for 2nd place !!! why do people feel the need to talk about things that have been discussed time and time again!!! Any comments on the race for 2nd place welcome - all rubbish regarding personal comments - start another thread!!! Old news bores me!!!
  14. Just think Bodmin have a top side on paper - stronger than last year on paper but seem to be missing something or someone who can galvanise them!!! They haven’t found it hard scoring goals -and with the vast majority of SWPL defenders scared of Glynn Hobbs - i think they will get a shed load!! just need to get Jake Ash back fit and the defensive steel associated with Bodmin will return- along with some victories!! Hoping for a Snozzle v Bodmin Senior Cup Final too