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  1. Yeah - here’s hoping it is competitive. Any news on the Kernow Squad - I take it Lorenz will be in there considering he is not there for the Whetts X1. would love to see Charlie Hambly play alongside a decent centre half - saw him with U/18s and looked very good. I think majority of Snozzle team plus a few odd lads from around. I would play 4-2-3-1. Chapman Timmons Ward Chambers Watts Brokenshire Gilbert Duff Reski Slateford Eddy
  2. Reminds me of East Cornwall vs South Western League - it could be a cricket score!!!
  3. When is this happening!??? Where is it happening? What players are involved?
  4. Same old Bodmin bashers- Bodmin haven’t been the team to beat for a couple years! Historic jealousy again!!! Saltash are defending their cup - definitely favourites today but get over the whole Bodmin thing - it’s boring and stems from jealousy of their domination of trophies in the past decade - but that is very much in the past and the power has shifted to better sides like Tavi - Parkway etc in previous seasons
  5. Who is there to take over?? Lack of support from town and lacking numbers on the board would suggest its not an attractive position. If gilby was to to - who would be in the running??
  6. Bodmin have had plenty of local lads playing for them in successful sides - but ultimately- are there any local players to Bodmin good enough at this point to challenge? Chris Luxton - Luke Hodge days have gone - with several u21 players used in recent years (simply not good enough) As for Gilby - I would be tempted to leave - but worry about the club if he did. Maybe Hodge could come back as a local?
  7. Agree with last comment - if you look at the spine from 5 years ago compared to now - you can’t compare - starting with Kev Miller in goal - different level. In regards to Stu Bowker - it is very disappointing to hear about personal abuse etc - crazy really! Hoping Gilby can re-attract the right calibre of player - surely needs someone to help him out - eg an old player with links!
  8. Jamie Lowry - in (when available) Surprised the likes of Nick Hurst - Harry Evans - Landricombe brothers have not been brought in when tivvy are not playing
  9. After a disappointing run of results - I’m hoping Lee and his management team get a few lads in to stop the rot before it’s too late. After watching a couple games I think there is a need to change a number of places - especially defensively. When Farks is not available - we look poor. Sam Hillson looking short of confidence and lacks pace. I would like to see Mikey Williams return to left back (runs from deep kill teams) and then get a pacy right back so we can go back to attacking down the flanks with full backs joining in! Losing Glynn was a blow and then we have missed the presence of Carter recently (although I heard he’s back at weekend) Finally - I must stress I back Lee to sort this out and still believe we can get promoted this year
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