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  1. Jamie Lowry - in (when available) Surprised the likes of Nick Hurst - Harry Evans - Landricombe brothers have not been brought in when tivvy are not playing
  2. After a disappointing run of results - I’m hoping Lee and his management team get a few lads in to stop the rot before it’s too late. After watching a couple games I think there is a need to change a number of places - especially defensively. When Farks is not available - we look poor. Sam Hillson looking short of confidence and lacks pace. I would like to see Mikey Williams return to left back (runs from deep kill teams) and then get a pacy right back so we can go back to attacking down the flanks with full backs joining in! Losing Glynn was a blow and then we have missed the presence of Carter recently (although I heard he’s back at weekend) Finally - I must stress I back Lee to sort this out and still believe we can get promoted this year
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