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  1. Nobody else stood out quite like Babo, and then he went on and scored the winner? Great leadership 👍
  2. I personally don’t think it matters if Barry played all game in goal, it’s the principle of dropping their own keeper for a ringer. Illogan are obviously very nervous about tomorrow’s game. 😳
  3. The drive to Wendron isn’t that bad, Lovely club, decent set up and cracking pitch, or was it the thought of Carharrack losing again within 7 days that put you off? 🧐
  4. Horrendous performance from Bodmin. Maybe they should start looking into playing Sunday league football? 😏
  5. All will be decided at the end of season. You may even get offered to run the forum at this rate. Have a pint and enjoy your Saturday night👍
  6. Oh dear. You’re whining about people slating Tom and you’ve come out with a comical comment like that. Terrible 😂
  7. Disgusting tackle made by Tom Butt, resulting in a terrible injury to the holmans player. Was a 2-0 lead not enough for illogan tonight?
  8. Is this the same holmans that won the sup cup with Marksy in charge? I’ve noticed a few of his players have followed him down to Ludgvan? Couldn’t of been that bad as a manager? Sour grapes Paul.C? 🧐
  9. With minimal decent games to watch today I took a trip to Clijah and was extremely impressed with Redruths performance. Deserved a win. Although I should have perhaps popped my ear plugs in due to the commentary from the ball boy on the sideline. Hope the player that was injured in the first half makes a full recovery.
  10. What I assumed would be a decent evening game to watch tonight, turned into a bit of an embarrassment. Penryn really do need to sort out their manager, he’s an absolute disgrace and really lets the team down. Both St Day and Penryn played a very entertaining game which resulted in a well deserved draw, admittedly a lot of words fired from both supporting fans but extremely abusive language from a Mr Harry Pope. The referee let St Day down in the last couple of minutes by sending off one of their players, but again this decision was based on the fact that a certain manager who then put himself in goal ran up to the ref and hurled abuse to get this player sent off. Not the first time I’ve seen this young man act in a disgraceful manner. He truly is an embarrassment to Cornish football.
  11. Millbrook V Newquay 2-1 Torpoint Athletic - Plymouth Argyle 0-2 Helston Athletic V Godolphin Atlantic 4-0
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