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  1. Fancy spilling the beans on this one Winston? Very intriguing I must say.
  2. You’ve grassed your grandson right up there. That’s him dropped for Saturdays game, poor fella! No Christmas gifts your way 😳😂
  3. He’ll have the mighty pope to deal with otherwise ayy. That’s enough to put any poor ref off. Looking forward to the game 👍🏼
  4. I don’t think Penryn have really got going these past few weeks anyway have they? Disagree slightly Rappo regarding your opinion on the ref, I’ve watched Liam a few times and think he’s a top lad. He did well today. There aren’t many refs out there these days that will show a card for an obvious foul/tackle. Maybe it’s time for some new fresh faces at the mighty Penryn Fc.
  5. That’s what it’s all about! Give the sausage and chips a go next week, you’ll never look elsewhere again 👍🏼
  6. Crikey, would never of guessed. Well thank you for the £5 admission fee and of course if you treated yourself to a beverage. Goes towards our blazey flags you see.
  7. Oh my, I hope Callington are paying you decent money to be their number one supporter, because I doubt they have many. Any who, you lost, blazey called it ‘game over’ at 90 minutes. You just have to let this go now and not let it bother you.
  8. I’m unsure you were watching the same game ‘silly billy’. Numerous chances for both sides, fortunately the better team won. It’s a shame the ref caught the young blazey chap really, and missed all the other abuse from Callington.
  9. Tom, if you wrote less about your dehydration issues during 90 minutes you may be able to inhale a decent game. Haven’t seen any recent reports from your die hard team this season? How are they doing by the way, after popey left them at the bottom of the pit.
  10. Have a beer mate and stay calm. I know how frustrating a Saturday is without football but there’s no need to get aggy. You should of spent today watching a decent game instead of seething that your pitch wasn’t playable.
  11. Marksy, they were unforgettable because they were the only goals I got in before my injury. A glorious victory on a cold November day 🥶
  12. Dave, I thought people forgot all about this. The day I hung my boots up unfortunately. It was a cracking win for us lads at illogan. 6 goals I will never forget.
  13. Quite possibly the strangest game I have ever encountered. Credit to Harry Pope for his passion for the team and good on them for having a good start to the season but my god his performance was embarrassing. Not really what you want to see from a manger but there we go. Good luck to Penryn for the rest of the season, think they’ll go far.
  14. Nobody else stood out quite like Babo, and then he went on and scored the winner? Great leadership 👍
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