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  1. Have a beer mate and stay calm. I know how frustrating a Saturday is without football but there’s no need to get aggy. You should of spent today watching a decent game instead of seething that your pitch wasn’t playable.
  2. Marksy, they were unforgettable because they were the only goals I got in before my injury. A glorious victory on a cold November day 🥶
  3. Dave, I thought people forgot all about this. The day I hung my boots up unfortunately. It was a cracking win for us lads at illogan. 6 goals I will never forget.
  4. Quite possibly the strangest game I have ever encountered. Credit to Harry Pope for his passion for the team and good on them for having a good start to the season but my god his performance was embarrassing. Not really what you want to see from a manger but there we go. Good luck to Penryn for the rest of the season, think they’ll go far.
  5. Millbrook V Newquay 2-1 Torpoint Athletic - Plymouth Argyle 0-2 Helston Athletic V Godolphin Atlantic 4-0
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