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  1. Have a beer mate and stay calm. I know how frustrating a Saturday is without football but there’s no need to get aggy. You should of spent today watching a decent game instead of seething that your pitch wasn’t playable.
  2. Marksy, they were unforgettable because they were the only goals I got in before my injury. A glorious victory on a cold November day 🥶
  3. Dave, I thought people forgot all about this. The day I hung my boots up unfortunately. It was a cracking win for us lads at illogan. 6 goals I will never forget.
  4. Quite possibly the strangest game I have ever encountered. Credit to Harry Pope for his passion for the team and good on them for having a good start to the season but my god his performance was embarrassing. Not really what you want to see from a manger but there we go. Good luck to Penryn for the rest of the season, think they’ll go far.
  5. Nobody else stood out quite like Babo, and then he went on and scored the winner? Great leadership 👍
  6. I personally don’t think it matters if Barry played all game in goal, it’s the principle of dropping their own keeper for a ringer. Illogan are obviously very nervous about tomorrow’s game. 😳
  7. The drive to Wendron isn’t that bad, Lovely club, decent set up and cracking pitch, or was it the thought of Carharrack losing again within 7 days that put you off? 🧐
  8. Horrendous performance from Bodmin. Maybe they should start looking into playing Sunday league football? 😏
  9. All will be decided at the end of season. You may even get offered to run the forum at this rate. Have a pint and enjoy your Saturday night👍
  10. Oh dear. You’re whining about people slating Tom and you’ve come out with a comical comment like that. Terrible 😂
  11. Disgusting tackle made by Tom Butt, resulting in a terrible injury to the holmans player. Was a 2-0 lead not enough for illogan tonight?
  12. Is this the same holmans that won the sup cup with Marksy in charge? I’ve noticed a few of his players have followed him down to Ludgvan? Couldn’t of been that bad as a manager? Sour grapes Paul.C? 🧐
  13. With minimal decent games to watch today I took a trip to Clijah and was extremely impressed with Redruths performance. Deserved a win. Although I should have perhaps popped my ear plugs in due to the commentary from the ball boy on the sideline. Hope the player that was injured in the first half makes a full recovery.
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