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  1. Completely agree Spectator92. Wendron deserved the win today, hayle didn’t look good at all ?
  2. Your sources are dodgy, abit like your predictive text pal.
  3. I would check your sources before you go dishing out information like that, and your spelling.
  4. Crikey, that's a well deserved £40 for his performance and goal on Saturday ?
  5. Can’t recall him spitting at anyone. However I’ve seen him do a lot worse down Carharrack ?
  6. Following after his managers bad habits ?
  7. Great digging on the photo there Paul C, can certainly count on you to get the good goss. The forums personal newspaper ?It takes 11 players to get a result, you can’t just blame one person for not getting a win? ? St Day were by far the better side and what a cracking goal from Oliver today. So for everyone on here who likes to slate his performance every week can keep their opinions to themselves until next saturday?
  8. CornishFan95

    Big money signing

    You're more interesting than the Dailymail Paul C. But then again they post crap too?
  9. It’s certainly great to see St Day winning again. No more than they deserve ? I could ask if Penryn have any part time bar/ground jobs for you, may give you something to do on a week night other than complain about clubs and their players ?
  10. CornishFan95

    Who would be a manager

    'Rumours' being the key word in this comment. Why would anyone in their right mind start up a discussion regarding who would take over Joffys position as manager when nothing has been confirmed? Im sure there would be a few people to jump at the chance if the offer did come up, but until then I think the main news of the week would be Redruth's first win? ?
  11. Millbrook V Newquay 2-1 Torpoint Athletic - Plymouth Argyle 0-2 Helston Athletic V Godolphin Atlantic 4-0
  12. Falmouth Town 2 - Bodmin Town 1 Saltash United 3 - St Austell 3