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  1. It’s certainly great to see St Day winning again. No more than they deserve 👍 I could ask if Penryn have any part time bar/ground jobs for you, may give you something to do on a week night other than complain about clubs and their players 🙂
  2. CornishFan95

    Who would be a manager

    'Rumours' being the key word in this comment. Why would anyone in their right mind start up a discussion regarding who would take over Joffys position as manager when nothing has been confirmed? Im sure there would be a few people to jump at the chance if the offer did come up, but until then I think the main news of the week would be Redruth's first win? 😀
  3. Thank you for clarifying the score in capitals, it emphasises the unfortunate defeat. I’m not worried about it sweetheart 😘
  4. I’m just not a fan of Harry Pope mate 🤫
  5. That’s not nice, big Carharrack fan are you?
  6. Penryn 7 - 1 StDay, not a great performance from st day, certainly showed in the result. A lot of key players missing due to work, injury and suspension. Absolutely disgusting behaviour from Penryns manager and the subs, considering they were miles ahead into a win. Resulted in a penryn sub being yellow carded due to tripping up a St Day player before taking a throw. Wouldn’t expect any less coming from ex Carharrack players and of course their muppet of a manger.
  7. They lost to perranporth on Saturday? 🤫
  8. Why would it ruin local football?
  9. The jealousy on here this morning 🔥 I may be able to get contact numbers for both StDay & Holmans managers, would you like them?
  10. St Day have a great team out there and have had a fantastic start to the season. Unless you want to share your evidence of these players being paid I honestly dont think you have any right to comment?
  11. I would assume you're referring to Oliver & Marks? And if so why would it matter?
  12. I think there was a hint of sarcasm from Marksy there? Do you live in the Lizard as well as support them BBrad1?