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  1. Completely agree, Rappo. And Mr Pope has done well in recent weeks with rotation, whether that’s due to players missing or different faces for different games - whichever it is it shows the depth they have and he seems to be keeping the players happy. The recent signing of Josh Sims a great coup, should add a lot. And the young lad bought in from Aggie over Christmas seems to have been a good addition too, think he’s called Andrew, nice left foot. Penryn building a competitive squad of 15-17 players, rare at this standard. Long way to go yet but Penryn will be happy atm!
  2. Class act today Andy. You’re right, if you didn’t give what you saw then it wouldn’t have been right. Two moments of stupidity from the GK but the handball certainly not your fault - was too far for me to see but the reaction from the lads stood near you said it all. Would be a shame to see you give up the line after today though. Like I said, just doing your job and done it very well. Not many would have flagged against their own side but that’s the problem at this standard!
  3. Tom how many Boxing Day pints have you had because you’ve just said it was worth the yellow card but also that you thought it wasn’t a foul? Good game at Bickland felt Penryn would’ve won the game despite the cards. After a difficult few weeks I’m sure Mr Pope will be happy with that.
  4. I can see young Tom Blewitt (I think that’s the surname) sticking around at Kernick for decades. From what ive heard he does a huge amount of work behind the scenes and rightly won clubman of the year last season, and not the first/last time I’m sure!
  5. And when you say ‘a few carharrack players’ I feel that you mean one, Glen Patterson. Well observed as per usual Tom!
  6. Josh Gilbert outstanding for Penryn - a good option to have when the number 1 is unavailable.
  7. Certainly weren’t outplayed 😮 what game were you watching?
  8. Ref Pattison absolutely right to bring it back for the penalty last night - Shaw through on goal only to have his heels clipped, stumble and struggle to get any clean connection on his shot, with it slowly striking the post. Only mistake I felt was that there was no card (red imo but not even a yellow) The defender made no genuine attempt to play the ball at all. If that's on the half way line stopping a counter attack it's a yellow card every day. 4-0 flattered Perranwell - attack vs defence for 90 minutes.
  9. Penryn third goal one of the best you’ll see in Cornish football this year. I think every player touched the ball.
  10. Another keyboard warrior! Looks to be a Newquay fan too, they’re always the worst! this was the first Penryn game I had seen this pre season and they looked as if they’ve stepped it up. Better side against a decent Dennis team, would’ve won the game if it wasn’t for two errors. Pitch in great shape too
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