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  1. And when you say ‘a few carharrack players’ I feel that you mean one, Glen Patterson. Well observed as per usual Tom!
  2. Josh Gilbert outstanding for Penryn - a good option to have when the number 1 is unavailable.
  3. Certainly weren’t outplayed 😮 what game were you watching?
  4. Top ref George, one of the best we have.
  5. Ref Pattison absolutely right to bring it back for the penalty last night - Shaw through on goal only to have his heels clipped, stumble and struggle to get any clean connection on his shot, with it slowly striking the post. Only mistake I felt was that there was no card (red imo but not even a yellow) The defender made no genuine attempt to play the ball at all. If that's on the half way line stopping a counter attack it's a yellow card every day. 4-0 flattered Perranwell - attack vs defence for 90 minutes.
  6. Penryn third goal one of the best you’ll see in Cornish football this year. I think every player touched the ball.
  7. Another keyboard warrior! Looks to be a Newquay fan too, they’re always the worst! this was the first Penryn game I had seen this pre season and they looked as if they’ve stepped it up. Better side against a decent Dennis team, would’ve won the game if it wasn’t for two errors. Pitch in great shape too
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