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  1. Stevie B & Postman pat just get a room & when you partners find out just say it was only a" mistake" were not ""cheating
  2. When the supporters tell you there lino cheated thats nothing to do with my eyes & i was happy with the offside given as i could not see from my end of the pitch until we got told differently after the game.Mistakes & Cheating are totally different things.
  3. 4 from the 1sts according to the Newquay sub running the line & 2 Camelford players in the St Teath line up so Mr Kitto told us
  4. Do it a fair bit already mate when the regular lino cant make the game but thanks for your input
  5. VAR has no effect on the local game but cheating club linos have a major effect.
  6. Needless to say tuesday night was one sided but only a couple weeks back Launceston beat St Austell then last week Launceston get beaten at home by St Dennis & then this result.St Pirans league should never of been a starter just had East Cornwall & Combo as feeder leagues with a play off system for promotion .
  7. Very awkward problem to deal with as sometimes its just mistakes effecting results but there are also the results that are effected by people cheating .
  8. More like a shrimp in our changing rooms compared to some of the teenagers,times have changed # JEALOUS 😳
  9. Paul Bourdon,foxhole sponsor & stalwart confirmed to St Stephen after the game the goal should of stood as Coady was ONSIDE when following up the free kick to score ,couldn't see from where I was but poor show if that was the case.On a side note St Stephen wer also fairly depleted team wise so it was evens on that score Darin.If that's the best both teams can play then both have still got a hard season ahead.
  10. pendeen 4-0 St Stephen ,best team won on the day without question,most of the 12 that traveled for St Stephen wer already think about playing foxhole on the same date rather than ludgvan away in the next round,best wishes to pendeen for the snr cup & the rest of your season
  11. Why would the quality of the pitch matter when the ball spends most of the afternoon in the air where we're concerned
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