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  1. Why are you all in such a rush as we are months and months away from playing football.
  2. It does seem the best way forward is to combine the leagues with the name of ECDL (to keep the historic names of each league going),direct promotion & relegation each season,making it a cornwall based set up only (including any devon sides that are already registered),hopefully all officials stay involved which again will give the set up more persons to share the work load.Lots of issues to sort i"m sure but nothing that can"t be overcome & make the whole thing better,stronger & hopefully improve the standard as well which has dipped a fair amount in the last 5 years plus .Only time will tell i suppose .
  3. I think everyone is getting a little ahead of themselves or possibly some wishful thinking but in reality we're probably gonna be looking more at the 2021/22 season before things resume as even after lock down is lifted the social distancing measures will be in place for the foreseeable future pretty much stopping any sports going ahead ,BRILLIANT!!!!!
  4. Why would the quality of the pitch matter when the ball spends most of the afternoon in the air where we're concerned
  5. Thas time I heard a double act like above it was Waldorf v Stadler 😉
  6. Why couldn't the fa just of reclassified the combo/east cornwall prem as step 7 east & west with out the need to create a new league.As a club St Stephen declared an interest to join The St Pirans league but do to travel & the limitations we have on any ground improvements we pulled back out & it's already looking as if we made the right choice as plenty of others are now following suit.
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