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  1. Sorry yes suspended you are right...... We it does say to to stay with in your area unless for work or education. So playing a football match as a Cornish team in Devon surly can’t fall as under your area?
  2. SWPL is cancelled immediately as it’s played over 2 counties
  3. Adult activities and classes outdoors can continue. tier3
  4. This children is the urban definition of a guilt trip.
  5. Nanpean got let off lightly only losing the 2-0 After Dobwalls hit the crossbar 2/3 times and missed some golden opportunity’s
  6. Honestly Handbags is now a sexist phrase...... This world has gone bonkers
  7. I heard that Callum Mcghee Is becoming the new manager at Lanreath massive loss for St Blazey
  8. Unfortunately you just have to accept the global weather conditions. Maybe a two week break over Christmas to let pitches repair slightly? More funding for 3G pitches. This winters weather has been ridiculously bad and I can’t remember being a worse one to date. Maybe have a better fixture structure where we play more evening games in late August early September and maybe April and the month in May. Everyone I see is just struggling not only for players but to actually get a games on
  9. I always said when a team is on top and a good chance of winning silverware you will always find a squad. It’s around this time where there is nothing to play for you see a difference in players and real players. Shame hate seeing this in any sport. Gutted for those who give up their time for free to help run and organise as well
  10. would Be nice for maybe another ground to take semi final gate money possibly a struggling financial club. Just a strange thing to do can you find another Cornish tournament that has always done this? Before this one
  11. Not really as both semis are played at Wembley not just one.
  12. How come nanpean and foxhole play the semi at st Dennis and the final is at st Dennis?
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