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  1. Plus now the ref can be assigned to another game with plenty of notice. Joys of a reserve side!
  2. Butters

    Trelawny Results - 29/8/18

    We still had 45 minutes to put it right ourselves, but didn’t do it. As you said decision is made, on to next week go again!
  3. Butters

    Trelawny Results - 29/8/18

    Completely understandable to make mistakes, we are all human! But when a player arrives late in the box to score a rebound from a save, you do have to question it! The referee at first told our players it was the initial header...then it was the rebound...then when I asked at HT he said he wouldn’t tell me. I politely asked the Mousehole lino at HT which player it was out of curiosity, to which I got ‘I don’t have to tell you anything’ as a response ?
  4. Butters

    Trelawny Results - 29/8/18

    Mousehole 2-0 St Buryan (Ht 2-0) Unfortunately 2 big decisions went against us again, but taking nothing away from Mousehole who took their chances and battled well. First a penalty that should’ve been brought back for a foul was well taken by the Mousehole winger, then a bizarre offside decision from the Mousehole lino to deny us a blatant equaliser. It still hasn’t been explained by either ref or lino - with all the neutrals watching as confused as us! As I said, take nothing away from Mousehole who were well drilled, moved the ball nicely and competed fairly. Frustrating for us but we go again next Saturday. See you boys later in the season ??
  5. Troon 2-2 St Buryan (HT 2-2) Over the 90 minutes a draw was a fair result. Buryan should’ve put the game to bed first half with several great chances, although Troon had a couple of late chances to snatch a winner. Troon captain superb in the middle of the park.