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  1. Mongo miners! What a keeper
  2. Are you a complete TOOL?? 50/50 can be fair but firm, and just momentum and movement could cause a break, or injury. Never had something so stupid, as to what you have said. Absolute complete ball bag, to even come on here and write that all challenges that cause injury deserve a red. GROW UP. Well done Lee superb Gesture. Horrible accident to happen.
  3. I agree, that was the decider but, I also think we - West Cornwall dominated first half to then concede against the run of play with Jason dyers pace, was a bitter pill to swallow. We had chance after chance. Decent football by both sides made a great junior cup tie
  4. West Cornwall Res 4-2 Tregony Well reffed by Neil Stephens after 20 years of seeing him mouth off from A Goalmouth lol. Into the hat. Tregony did themselves no harm. Counter attacked after loads of pressure from Us, and took the lead twice only for us, to take 4/50 chances on goal. Best of luck to Tregony Good outfit
  5. When’s the next round of the draw for the junior cup? Had a bye this round and wouldn’t mind knowing who we could be facing love a good junior cup run! Especially the old west vs east ties
  6. Well you are an old **** wellser lol
  7. What’s the referee not being available got to do with West Cornwall, if he was taken away for another fixture, and that it was Your home fixture? Nothing to do with West Cornwall.