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  1. The problem is for foxhole they have been competing against St Mawgan since the first kick this season, they probably expected to bring lee in, few back handers to players and not get troubled by anyone. Now they’re realising there’s an actually genuine duchy side that have outplayed them in both games this season (potentially two more games to come yet) and foxhole are now worried if they don’t have these senior players they will be in trouble. Having been around to all the grounds in the premier this season you always hear ‘foxhole are a fantastic side but half their players come from everywhere else’ whereas when you hear them talk about St Mawgan they say nothing but what a good side they’re.. that’s the difference for me, a real duchy side that have built up over years to challenge in this league. I’m not a fan of being able to cross sign for different clubs. I think if you sign on for st dennis then you sign on for the club (Junior and senior) that way it stops people like Martin Giles making one off appearances for a club he has no interest in, only what colour the money is. Be interesting to see what side foxhole have on April 13th.. This is going down to the wire in my opinion.
  2. Thought there was a real anti climax to the fixture. Both teams looked nervy and failed to produce the football they’re capable of most weekends - granted it was a big game. Foxhole went too long and got frustrated and were helped by a questionable offside goal - nevertheless deserved a goal and the win. Illogan worked tirelessly in defensive but almost seemed to forget they were chasing the game and never ever looked like scoring or attacking foxhole, who’s centre backs couldn’t have hoped for an easier game. Foxhole looking favourites for the cup as many predicted but far from convincing in the last two rounds. I think mousehole could give them a game if they’re not in the mood on the day!
  3. Fantastic game last night, two teams really fighting for a spot in this years final. I can see tonight being the stronger of the ties and I can’t wait to watch it in glorious conditions. Lets hope we see two JUNIOR sides giving all they’ve got to join mousehole.
  4. I understand where teams are coming from. I’ve watched you many times this season - fantastic team - my only problem is I dont recognise 2/3/4 of your players everyweeek because usually they play their football in different shirts for different teams.. senior ones usually. Dont take anything away, you’ve had a fantastic season so far, but just from one example.. I watched you play St Mawgan in the junior cup and you had two senior players that day (one of which never plays for you according to Fa full time) the following week they weren’t there and haven’t featured since.. that is called bringing in ringers. (Don’t be disheartened guys, they still weren’t the best team even with these players). On Saturday I watched the first half and yes.. it was your usual side.. but again there appeared to be another senior player making his first appearance.. what do you guys get out of that? You have fantastic players sat on the bench and you’re going well in league and cup, just believe in your own squad rather than relying on senior teams to get you through the season - I’d be odd if they were taking my place! (14 players making no more than 2 appearances this season!) Don’t get me wrong, I watched the first half and it could have been 9-0 in one half without the seniors, but if you want to be a great duchy team then play with duchy players in my opinion.
  5. I can’t imagine St Mawgan rated him higher than 30! Foxhole - 130 perhaps With sticker not being in any sort of tussle for trophies this season, I’ve been driving around to grounds and watching games. I was waiting for this tie and I’m waiting again for next week, I just don’t want to see the same ref make the same mistakes and ruin the same game.. as does everyone else. Take him out of the lime light and that’s fair for all parties in my opinion
  6. Now, I don’t care who referees, doesn’t affect me in the slightest. But, as you can see from this thread dave, I’m not the only one who thought Paul buscombe didn’t have his finest day yesterday - top ref on his day, I’m not debating that. Surely after what’s happened this week he should be taken away from these sides this weekend? Just imagine the uproar if he was to do the same again..
  7. First thing that needs to be said said, what an advert for duchy football. Two of the strongest outfits I’ve seen play in this league for a long long time and they didn’t disappoint. In terms of the football, I didn’t know what to expect, but I expected goals and for the foxhole keeper that would have been the case. Mawgan were possessed for the first 30 minutes and made this brilliant foxhole side look like they had never kicked a ball before. Mawgan got their well deserved lead and it appeared that their running and class was too much for foxhole at this point. Then, the game changed. Two bits of class, the cross and the finish.. now that’s why foxhole can boast that they’re the top side in duchy football currently, they has created nothing and suddenly we’re back in the game. The first half looked like we’d be going in level, but once again, Mawgan scored. One of the centre backs (who were brilliant for 120minutes) scoring a volley from a well worked set price. This lead to Mawgan being the team in control again and just moments later and a minute before half time the keeper stopped St Mawgans striker from adding a third by tipping his effort into the the crossbar. Now this is what I hate about football.. slagging off a referee, but there is no way anyone can talk about this game without doing that. Foxhole knew if they could get a goal it would be hard for Mawgan, but Paul buscombe (who I must say has refereed some cracking games before) have the foxes a late Christmas present. With the centre half getting shoved from behind so much he fell over and the ball hitting his swinging arm as the result of the push, Paul buscombe pointed to the spot, which the foxhole striker calmly finished. Game on. Giving great credit to the ever organised Mawgan side, they limited foxhole to just one shot on target the whole second half but foxhole were strong in possession and controlled proceedings until the final whistle. Extra time was upon us and it was innivtable this would be the case with two fantastic sides. A very solid defensive display once again from Mawgan meant that foxhole couldn’t score down the slope - I think everyone can say, it was a half where players looked tired and struggled to create. With foxhole now going up the hill they started positively and tried getting forward, but with about 5 minutes to go, the full back that had already scored was presented with an identical chance to make it 3-2, but for what can only be described as the save of the season it remained 2-2. Now, you guessed it, time for Paul buscombe to give foxhole their birthday present too. With what I made just over a minute left before penalties, the Ball goes up in the air, the ref is a mile away from the ball and the striker for foxhole, who is experienced and does what he needs to do by pulling the centre backs shirt and elbowing him constantly to get around him , the centre back then passes the ball pass the on rushing goalkeeper and then it because a case of knocking the ball out of play for the entire back - who was fantastic may I add - but the pulling, pushing and fighting continued from the striker, by this point the referee hadn’t even got to the half way line, and the striker tapped the Ball into an empty net. With weird celebrations and awkward laughs and smiles around the ground, foxhole knew they could take what had just happened and run. Overall, foxhole will progress and carry on a great season, but I think they’ll agree and any neutral watching, this is a very good St Mawgan side who will push them all the way in the other competitions. Great credit to both sides! I hope people will understand that the referee shouldn’t be a talking point in football, but so often is, but sometimes when there is a big game like this there needs to be consideration over the appointment of the referee - inconsistent and not one, but two awful mistakes which even the foxhole supporters were keen to admit. Good luck foxhole, I’m sure duchy are behind you and I will be there to watch in the semis!
  8. Trelawny Prem - Penwith Div 1 - Threemilestone Div 2 - Frogpool Div 3 - Perranwell Div 4 - Threemilestone reserves Duchy Prem - Foxhole Div 1 - Stoke climsland Div 2 - Altarnon Div 3 - Polperro Div 4 - Bude Junior cup St Mawgan
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