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  1. Anyone have any early rumours/ facts on any transfers this coming season? I’m hearing Tyler and Anton Oliver of St day and Illogan respectively could be on their way to Perranporth. Big money involved as well. Would these signings improve the current Perranporth team?
  2. Went down to watch New Inn Titans Reserves today. Not too much quality in the match but an entertaining cup final none the less, had lots of drama. Very disappointing from Mawnan. Couldn’t tell they were 3 leagues above the opposition at all. You would have thought there was a sniper in the crowd the amount the Mawnan players were going down- very embarrassing for the club. But at the end of the day it’s all about the win in a cup final and Mawnan scraped it on Pens. Hard luck New Inn deserved the win. Officials were poor.
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