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  1. Took another trip to Ting tang this afternoon. First 20 minutes was a tight came however for the rest of the game Carharrack dominated. Unlucky they didn’t win by more goals at the final whistle! Mount Ambrose seemed to be fairly sore losers, loud when they were winning/ drawing, however couldn’t here a word when they were losing. Went back the the trusty old social after the game and disappointing to not see one mount Ambrose player there! Pitch was looking lovely! Looking forward to the next game. Paul C
  2. Footballs back! Took a trip to Carharrack this afternoon, and what a game it was. Carharrack were all over it straight from the off. The number 9 for them was quality, could definitely play a higher standard. All credit to Stithians they didn’t give up, but we’re never a match for the quality of Carharrack. Look forward to watching more games at Ting tang this season. Division 4 is shaping up to be a good fight for the title. As I said it’s nice to see football back during these unusual times. Well played all Paul C
  3. Seems a serious lack of discipline at Hayle. Watched them a few times this season and I've seen some horrendous tackles being made from their players!
  4. Embarrassing scenes at Hayle yesterday with their player getting an early red card for a horror tackle (no place for it in football). Played well with 10 but arguably could have gone down to 8/9 with some of the challenges they continued to put in. Great game definitely got my £3 worth on a very wet afternoon. Merry Christmas from Paul C
  5. Shambles at Perranporth. Results not going their way so everyone decides to jump ship. Embarrassing club.
  6. Great result for Redruth united away at Perranwell, I assume Perranwell had 14 first team players out so they were unlucky on the day.
  7. Think you’ll find it was penryn first team Tom, although the reserves would’ve probably beat them too.
  8. Mr Boase will be very disappointed, spoke to him in the car park after the game and he seemed to think the shot was flying in!
  9. St Dennis second was the biggest own goal I’ve ever seen. Mr Lievers powered a header into his own net.
  10. Which centre half was this willy? Watched St Day a few times last season and their centre backs wouldn't look out of place placing in the Trelawney leagues!
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