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  1. Well considering they've already conceded 23 goals this season I wouldn't count on it !!!
  2. £40 for the lad Oliver i believe. St Day physio must be paying out a fortune every week as the 2 St Day lads up top certainly know where the goal is!!
  3. Some big results at the top of the table! I see Ed Wilton couldn’t help fire Perranporth to a win even with his little gift. 1-0 scoreline massively flattering Illogan today as well
  4. Paul C

    Big money signing

    Now you mention it Cameron Irish to Penryn isn’t too far away... £££
  5. Paul C

    Big money signing

    Totally agree Brendan. Hasn’t lived up to expectations so far from what I’ve seen. Don’t think it’s that pointless Willy7, fairly big move for the division so thought it needed mentioning
  6. Billy Williams of St Day AFC was spotted training with Penryn last night. Wheels seem to be falling off at St Day. If you can’t beat them (7-1), join em!
  7. Nice to see St Day back to winning ways. Oliver had decent game, but then again you would hope so being on the money that he is. Could they be back in the race for the title? Penryn still favourites for me.