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  1. Hi all, I went to this match as a neutral photographer/blogger yesterday, for what was a pretty dominant and resounding victory for the hosts. I've put together this report, with quite a few pictures - hopefully it's of interest to some. https://thegrassrootstourist.com/2020/10/18/hayes-yeading-united/ Regards, GRT
  2. I went to this one today, and sorry to say Truro looked well off the pace. For 40 minutes of the first half, and 30 of the second, Hayes & Yeading were able to just pass around Truro with impunity. Truro's approach in possession was entirely limited to hitting it long in the hope that Rocky Neal and Kieran Hayes would miraculously grow a foot during the match. Didn't really give Ryan Brett or Dan Rooney much of anything to work with through midfield. Francis Amartey and Jake Sheppard made Ed Palmer and Reuben Collins look very immobile as well. Not a good day at the office f
  3. it's a funny one with Landricombe. He is still - in my opinion - a more than capable Step Three striker, but in Alex Fletcher and Jared Lewington, Tiverton have potentially the best strike force in that particular division. Truro, with Harvey, Battle, Rooney and Neal are obviously very, very strong, but beyond them, there aren't many better. A look through the Southern Premier South - Toby Holmes at Taunton, Max Blackmore & Jack Mazzone at Met Police, Emmanuel Odubade at Salisbury, Joe White at Hendon. Tiverton have, again in my opinion, the second strongest forward line in the d
  4. I think that expecting people to expose true identity on any forum is wrought with risks. I, for example, am more than happy to have anything I say about Cornish football associated to my True ID, but there are plenty of people out there who can extrapolate True ID from this forum into something much more real world and sinister, and that is why the concept of of online anonymity exists. Personally, I'm quite new to this forum, and as a (Cornish) non-league obsessive who has moved away it's an invaluable tool and community to keep in touch with what's happening back home, but I have to e
  5. I'm the club photographer at Hampton & Richmond Borough, but my parents' house overlooks Kimberley - so, yes, I'd love a trip to Cornwall! Congratulations to the Ashes, fantastic result and achievement so far.
  6. I've absolutely seen some referees have stinkers, and I think that when that happens it should be noted - not in the form of screaming and shouting, however, a sensible comment on a forum about a poor performance doesn't really seem that out of line. However, that criticism needs to be even handed. The referees are generally commensurate with the level of football at which they're officiating. In a match where you will see any number of sliced clearances, misplaced passes, botched control and mistimed tackles, can you really also expect a referee to get every single thing correct? I of
  7. I don't disagree with you at all. Not to mention the question which always exists of "what happens when the sugar daddy loses interest?". Glenn Tamplin at Billericay being just one recent example. I only mentioned the comparison because of the figures - in the SWPL it seems that £70-80 is considered throwing money at players, whilst equivalent leagues in other parts of the country are massively outspending that. I think, personally, that the money seems incongruous in the SWPL because it doesn't necessarily reflect the ambition of the clubs. Spending that level, purely to try and wi
  8. I'm not a club member, but that is from an official at one of the two clubs. As with most (sensible) people, I'm generally sceptical of some of the figures bandied about, but on this occasion I'd say the person in question definitely would have known (and signed off on) the numbers. I know some clubs at that level have pretty wealthy people involved - but this region - and the Isthmian league at a higher level, do certainly have some weird amounts of money sloshing around. East Grinstead Town, for example, who are currently heavily financially underwritten by... the Church of Scientolog
  9. It's interesting as someone who sees more Combined Counties (Surrey/Hampshire/Middlesex) football, to read the views regarding money spent on players. In the Combined Counties the difference between the Step Six & Step Five leagues is pretty slim, and I know of one club who in 2018/19 were paying £3,500 a week, and another who were spending £2,000. I also know of a specific striker who was paid "a four figure fee" for a month at the end of the season to try and help get his club over the line. And those clubs average substantially lower attendances than some of the bigger SWPL club
  10. https://www.tivertontownfc.co.uk/post/player-news-5 As suggested in the title, Landricombe has departed Tiverton Town today - I'd imagine pretty much every club in Western League or SWPL would be delighted to take him... any thoughts as to where he may end up?
  11. Not at all, I didn't think it was directed at me - and I think there are plenty of people who share your concerns. I do feel for people who because of age, underlying conditions etc are seeing the rest of society get back to some form of 'normality' but are excluded from that. A few observations I've had not just from Saltash, but from the 6/7 matches I've been to in pre-season. 1 - from what I saw at Kimberley, there would have been plenty of space where a shielder could have been completely alone and still be able to watch the match. It would probably have involved arriving early
  12. I feel I should defend Saltash having put these photos out there. Completely get where you're coming from Bruegel, and as Dave implied - the authorities will surely be looking at compliance. That main picture of the stand, it may not look like social distancing but an element of that is the perspective and angle - that stand was probably about half full if you looked from the front. In addition, the majority of fans were well spread out right around the pitch in (what appeared to me to be) family/small friendship sized groups.
  13. It was an absorbing season opener at Kimberley Stadium today, with Saltash beating St Blazey 3-1, despite the visitors starting out the brighter. Jack Alexander with the goal for St Blazey, and a Mike Smith double, with one for Shaun Cleary, for Saltash. I've done a full match report with pictures here - hopefully it's of interest to a few. https://thegrassrootstourist.com/2020/09/06/saltash-united/ Also - having competitive football back is great...
  14. Seems that tickets are sold out already... hardly surprising - as WOTP said, lots of "narrative" to this match, not to mention it'll be the first competitive match anyone's been to in about 327 years (or something like that). https://twitter.com/PlymouthPFC/status/1296916108117782528?s=20
  15. That's a very good signing. I watched Tiverton twice last season, and River Allen was the best player on the pitch both times. He was too good for Step Three, he'll be waaaay too good for Step Five!
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