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  1. Great bantar /de-day tomorrow /is football coming home /its coming home we hope /should be better crowds then up torquay anyway / lets hope its good news in the nxt few days for all truro city supporters 👍🏻
  2. The game is live on radio hereford fc
  3. Yes its allright for the big clubs that are pumping a lot of money there way / yes maybe we will find out we wait and see dnt hold your breath though
  4. Supporters are still there just not able to get to games cause off work family etc now they gone to torquay / still cant see how they can have meetting at club house but cant play games on the pitch very strange indeed
  5. What i would like to no is if they had to leave the ground / why are they still abale to use the club / if they can use the club why cant they use the pitch to play football on / maybe we will get the answers on the 10-10-18 we wait and see
  6. Yes good to beable to watch highlights of games as can not make home games this season / keep up the good coverage 👍🏻
  7. Not like the good old days down in cornwall then /you think there have some sort of refreshment for away fans they do at other grounds even more so come the winter months / yes was thinking of going to that game so have to pack me crib bag for that game then 😢
  8. No 🧀🍟up there then
  9. I think they would get a better crowd then there getting at torquay /i for one would go to bodmin / trouble with torquay is time i finish work on a saturday morning there is not enough time to get to torquay to watch the game / but i dont think they would beable to change there mind now anyway
  10. Hi m8 yeah would be good to get a game in sometime over the season like you say over a bank holiday /yeah going to miss the saturday afternoons with all of you /are you going to make many games ? /yes hope to see you all sometime in the coming season
  11. Three unhappy people from st austell area been going to truro for last 3 years enjoyed the football most of the time and kept the food wagon going on 🧀🍟 also meet a good group of truro supporters / sorry to say wont beable to make many home /away games at torquay as work most saturday mornings and coach leaves to early / the other two unhappy people are my wife & daughter they used to go in truro shopping spending my money now got to put up with me now on a saturday afternoon / hope truro fc do well this season /and the new stadium gets a move on so football comes back to truro soon