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  1. UtilityMan

    Trelawny & Cups - Saturday 3 November 2018

    Hahaha... Glad you're scoring goals mate, 20 in 9 in DIV 4 is really impressive, My Gran said she could score 30 in 9 in that league though! You will have to ask the League though boss about when the game is being played, Surprised it hasn't been re-arranged yet.... Obviously I am not the fixture secretary We've not been running scared though, just looking forward to get the game on as I said before we were the club who did all we could to get the game played originally, All the best for scoring more goals this week though.
  2. UtilityMan

    Trelawny & Cups - Saturday 3 November 2018

    Don't know how many beers you've had chief but it was the Tregony manager who 'cried off'.... your club made no effort whatsoever to try and find a referee who was qualified or not! I personally found someone on here in fact who kindly said he would ref the game (lots of people on here have said he's been good when officiating them) We then informed your club and the league that we had found someone to ref the game which was accepted by your club before your manager messaged me saying Tregony wanted an official message so we said to the league the game should be played but Tregony refused so the game was cancelled. Your manager then rung me the day of the game to check the fixture had been postponed and his words were 'would like an official ref as it's a cup game' Which I thought was funny as surely you'd prefer an official ref in a league game (it's not like either of us are going to win it!) So just wanted to get the facts right so myself and my club aren't accused of crying off when it was Tregony who refuses to play the game so don't know what you were told but it was a lie if so.... Agree the game should be played soon though, surely next Saturday or the one after.
  3. UtilityMan

    Why the shortage?

    4. Do you think enough is being done to recruit and retain referees by League's, County FA's and the National FA? I know as said above the course is probably too long and tedious obviously including travelling to the course depending where you are in the county, I know you get some sort of money back for the course after doing a certain amount of games which is good but some working people with families wont shell out 110 quid off the cuff for a referee course unfortunately which you cant blame anyone for.... Not sure if this has been asked or said but if the League/CCFA are that concerned would it not be beneficial to them to put on an emergency course not open to anyone but e.g for 10 people to do an express referee course FREE OF CHARGE and subsidised by the league / CCFA, I understand this will cost the league/CCFA but surely better than games not being played and appreciate they would foot the cost hence why i say only a select number like 10 places even if it was a case of them paying for the course for these select few to get them officiating asap even it is a case of the CCFA Paying for the course and these refs paying half of the course fees abck via their match fees they receive in their first 5 games instead of what currently happens and the CCFA/ league give you money back after a certain amount of games.