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  1. Gunna take some beating this ryn team. Great performance from stand in goal keeper Gilbert. Can see why he plays in higher leagues 😃
  2. Anyone know what the Nancegollan pitch is like with the weather?
  3. Illogan RBL Thirds 1-4 Falmouth Town Thirds Different team that played illogan 2 weeks ago with the missing players returning. First half up 3-1 with goals from dan reeve x1 and Matt Bailey x2. Great service to the strikers through midfield. 2nd half looked like illogan we’re finding there way back into the game with town looking tired. A change where P Webb moved from winger to striker and buried a excellent volley from a goal kick to put town 4-1 up. Illogan played well but town with a full strength squad back showed good form. Onto to the next leg. Le
  4. Falmouth town 3rds vs Redruth reserves really hot day for the players. Turn out that ref was giving much 3 blatant penalties should of been awarded to town. Really good game with Falmouth winning 8-1 which should of been a lot more. Needed result have losing a game we shouldn’t of on Wednesday with ten men.
  5. Seems that come saturdays the heavens open up. Been 7 weeks since I had a game
  6. Probus vs Falmouth town off waterlogged pitch
  7. Funny bob but seeing as it’s “games cancelled” posts should be easy to figure out what I meant.
  8. Anyone know anything about Probus vs Falmouth town?
  9. Game between frogpool and Falmouth. Anyone know if this game likely to be played
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