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    CornishRhino got a reaction from Keith B in very quiet on forum   
    I'm too busy these days so really do struggle to visit the forum and take part in topics. However, I do agree with others when it comes to topics being taken over by constant bitching and quite frankly, ridiculous comments. A shame really.
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    CornishRhino got a reaction from cornishteddyboy in LWC Drinks Combination League Results and Table - Saturday 13th April 2019   
    Usually I'd like to say on this forum that I watched a good game of football on a Saturday afternoon. However, today was the complete opposite. I attended the Carharrack v Penryn game. Mainly to see if Carharrack had improved since I last saw them. And how good Penryn were considering they are going for the title. It wasn't a pleasant game to watch. A real gulf in class between the two teams. Carharrack had a couple of promising players. Really though, a team that would even struggle in the lower echelons of the Trelawny League. They were that poor it was hard to watch. Penryn on the other hand, well they didn't even need to get out of first gear. A controlled and professional performance given the opposition they were up against. They gave them respect and just played football.
    I'll echo Tom's comments. The service from the refreshment hut is second to none.
    I genuinely hope Carharrack have a brighter future. A serious rebuilding job is needed this summer. Otherwise, another embarrassing season could be on the cards in the Trelawny Premier.
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    CornishRhino got a reaction from stevieb in Combo score predictions weeks 1   
    I thought the same stevieb. Gutted I missed out on the first week. I did the other prediction league but totally forgot this one!
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