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  1. Perranporth v Penryn is the game to watch this weekend. Is the boy Wills from St.Just?
  2. Your comments are getting boring now. Everyone is fed up with money talk. Let's just talk about games and report on how good and bad they were.
  3. Teddy boy you come out with some. What does again got to do with the result.
  4. Wouldn't have thought so but as long as both teams are happy get the game on!
  5. Yes but we a team has the manager running the line it's going to happen right or wrong.
  6. If I was the manager and had to run the line I also would be speaking to my team.
  7. Very true No excuse, Penryn the better side by far, St.Day can only look what went wrong and improve on it.
  8. Look at the Penryn team now, they have moved from club to club and stay together because they are mate's, half of them could have played higher years ago. Luke Wort is another player who could have played hight. Lot's just want to enjoy rather than see how far they can go in football. Each to there own, I believe in playing at the highest level you can.
  9. Lot's of players just rather play with their mates nowadays rather than the highest level they can. You have Penrith, Titan's and lot's of other team's who have player's playing two or three league's lower because they enjoy it more.
  10. By one goal yes, but beating two of the team that will be in the top 4 or 5 wouldn't you count them as a contender?
  11. Hayle beat Penryn and thumping St.Day tonight shows they are real contenders this season
  12. Banter is fine, but accusing club's of paying player's isn't Banter. Never mentioned perran afc paying.
  13. You mention other teams but you say perran never offer money. Two players that are at Penryn were offered money to play, one did sign for cover so you shouldn't point finger's.😉
  14. Very long season for Carharrack, big defeat against a team who will be around midtable.
  15. You don't but your manager does.😉 Penryn wouldn't have money to pay.