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  1. I am going with Frogpool, Mousehole, Illogan and Mawgan in the semi's.
  2. If they did do it you should double it would be more like it.
  3. As a committee carharrack has got themselves into this mess, as said above it was always going to go wrong and they didn't have a plan B for when Mr Pope left. Then they had to make the right choice in there next manager which they got wrong. I just hope the league will now do this for every team that are short on player's. Don't want to see any team fold but think Carharrack can only blame themselves, short term success at any cost!
  4. I also think that is unfair, you could now get one of the top sides dropping points during the run in against a carharrack/Threemilestone team when other top teams have beaten them twice easily boosting there goal difference.
  5. I heard Hayle are short of player's again and it could be Falmouth first/seconds against St.Day Res today.
  6. Think you might be correct!😂
  7. You stated the illegal approach. So there was money offered? Thought you said it was free night's on the beer.lol I believe the approach is wrong but your player still messaging asking for money is also very wrong which is trying to get people into trouble also.
  8. Think you should tell him to stop messaging the person you have reported and asking for money.
  9. Seems stupid to complain to the FA if he is that keen on leaving.😂
  10. Is it true that your player in question is still messaging the person who has illegally approached him even after you put the complaint into the FA?
  11. You would think Perranporth would have taken one Res player to sit on the bench
  12. I take it illogan didn't?
  13. That's gone up by 34 very quickly.😂