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  1. Elsewhere pre match , do keep up 😃
  2. Absolutely mate , not everyone agrees with everything in life ! I've said before ,the ground looks great and it's a great place to be again thanks to alot of hardwork from alot of people, the way we all clubbed together for ground improvements etc was fantastic ,see you Saturday general 👍
  3. Blimey Jeff i disagreed with one club decision not stole the crown jewels 😉 maybe I shouldn't of aired my opinion on here maybe I should but regardless FTFC have and will always have my full support especially the current regime and you for what you've done to help rejuvenate the club. Keep up the good work 👍
  4. Why not ? Hes not on the lager 🤣
  5. Absolutely we can still be spectators (not guaranteed with 300 limit and everyone in clubhouse on the beer from lunchtime paying early ) I've been taking my 10 year old to games since he was old enough home and away as have a few others and half hour or so in the clubhouse has always been part of our matchday routine, we've been pushed aside so spectators who've been going for a few months can get on the pxxs , like I said leaves a very bad taste and my boy now doesn't feel welcome at our local club .
  6. I'm more disappointed than angry , I fully appreciate we are in unprecedented times and it is only the clubhouse but to claim to be a family club then put this rule in place for some of the most loyal fans really leaves a bad taste!
  7. The club said for the last game in the vase against abingdon as a one off kids were not allowed in to get more beer drinking adults in to generate more income which I get but we were there when the clubhouse was empty and 60/70 in the ground , my child is impeccably behaved by the way ! Like I said we'll be taking our cash elsewhere next Saturday!
  8. Some of us loyal fans with kids are banned from the clubhouse at Falmouth Town tier 1 or not 🙄 so will take my cash elsewhere im afraid 😪
  9. Sorry if I missed a thread on this but are we expecting a full fixture programme on the 6th , lifting of lockdown and weather permitting obviously?
  10. Boring afternoon? I know these people are not St Blazey fans but there behaviour was disgusting and embarrassing ,from singing songs about paedophiles in the clubhouse in front of kids,flares ,throwing bottles at cars , their banner and using threatening language you lot are a disgrace . Its Falmouth Town not Millwall away ffs !!!
  11. It was pretty horrible tbh but a good solid performance from Town especially against the wind first half ,first time ive seen wendron this season but was slightly disappointed with their showing.
  12. Work , injuries or family reasons maybe? ,more important things in life sometimes but I'd expect you to try and find a negative from a great day for OUR football club 🙄
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