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  1. Blaise park looked great again today Paul,credit to all involved , up the town !
  2. Never thought I'd say it but very well said big al 👍 Oh dear ,making fun of handicap and amputees, bad taste that and shows a lack of class and respect 😥
  3. If you are referring to your number 4 what was he thinking walking over to ftroop and telling them what they should or should not say , not wise at all in my opinion!
  4. The days are gone when we throw money at the team, that's what got us in trouble over the years .Westy James and Charlie have built a team on a very modest budget spent on local lads who have got us to three cup finals in the last two years , pretty consistent that 🖤💛
  5. If you looked inside the ground one day you would see alot of money has been spent on the old lady during the summer with alot more to come 👍Theres people there now thinking positive doing good things for our towns club ! Dont hold you're breathe about supporters flooding back ! Yes our chants need a bit of work , apart from" truro give us a song " I think that one was perfect👍
  6. Very sensible business sense by the town hierarchy,making the most of the property , multi purpose bickland park ,everyone's a winner ching ching ££££👍💛🖤
  7. Fleece us town fans for a tenner then make next game free ? Another PR masterstroke from TCFC 🤔
  8. Well over half of those watching were from falmouth ,Ftroop in full voice second half . We didnt even hear a cheer when truro scored the winner ! £10 entry or weather forecast didn't put us Town fans off! Piss poor home turn out ,as for £10 to get in ? Shame on you TCFC !
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