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  1. Yeah I saw that. The ref was meant to be a Threemilestone committee member so Goonhavern could have said they wanted an official ref & had the game rescheduled. Tms have won every game this year so maybe the goonies just decided to take a 0-0 loss.
  2. Goonhavern reserves have forfeited their division 4 game vs Threemilestone reserves. Players must not have fancied playing in this weather!
  3. I struggle to justify the cost of a pint to my Mrs so a refs course is out of the question. 👊
  4. Lack of numbers apparently. Although there were around 10 who wanted to do It, CCFA needed more to make it worth while.
  5. Shane Mayer is a top bloke & a great ref. Although he's not qualified as the CCFA cancelled the course this summer. Ridiculous considering the shortage of refs at the moment
  6. Threemilestone reserves 6-2 Falmouth United Tms scorers - Eliot Baker, Chris Shackley ×3, Glen Patterson, Chris Pridham. Threemilestone came flying out of the traps & were 1-0 up within 5 minutes when Eliot Baker got on the end of a Jake Merrifield cross to head home well. 2 minutes later Chris Shackley got on the end of a Glen Patterson flick on, beat his man & fired home for 2-0. Threemilestone made it 3 10 mins later when Patterson again fed Shackley to smash the ball past the keeper. Shackley returned the favour on 30 mins when he squared it to Patterson who made no mistake from 15 yards. Threemilestone then switched off from an attacking corner & allowed the Falmouth player to run from distance & slide a cool finish past Rich Williams in goal. 5 minutes later, the Threemilestone centre half passed the ball straight to the open Falmouth forward on the edge of the box who ran is & scored to make it 4-2. Threemilestone then went to pieces & had keeper Rich Williams to thank for going in 2 up, half time couldn't come soon enough. The stones came out firing in the 2nd half & took control again, the imprrssive Chris Pridham seeing his shot blocked on 50 minutes, only to score the rebound for 5-2. 10 minutes later sharpshooter Shackley got on the end of a Patterson clipped ball to lash the ball in at the near stick. Tms then made 5 substitutions & coasted the final half hour. Falmouth kept fighting till the end & look a decent young side who play some great stuff. They are in a false position in the league as their goal difference shows. Best of luck for the season, I'm sure you will be fine. UP THE DRAGONS 🐲
  7. I know that. But it's never been enforced before. So makes it harder as you can't just sign players on the week of the game as you used to be able to.
  8. Harder to sign players in the week of a game now that 7days has to be put in for players regardless of what league they play in.
  9. Jesus, I don't know who to quote. Penryn 7-1 St Day. Not 2-1, not 1-0, SEVEN ONE. & yet everyone wants to talk about Harry Pope or a sub that stopped a throw in being taken. Get a grip lads. Worry about why St Day conceded 7 rather than whether or not you like the Penryn manager.
  10. Yeah, this forum has been up & running since I was at school, I'm now in my 30's. I don't think you can blame the forum on the lack of refs, as I think,due to Facebook & mobile phones, less people use the forum now than say 10-15 years ago. I just think participation in the game as a whole has dropped. But when a club is struggling for players they explore every avenue & put so much time & energy into finding players. Wheras do the people at the top have the time & energy to search for refs? We all know qualified refs who don't do anything on Saturdays. It's different if this is sorted on Monday Tuesday, but why does it always happen in Saturday morning or Friday night? People have plans outside of football.
  11. St Day don't splash the cash? You're having a laugh aren't you. Dished out more Brown envelopes than postman pat.
  12. I can see why both teams want an official ref. If Hayle win then both teams have 1 loss each this season, winning every other game. If Threemilestone win then they have 6 wins from 6, with Hayle on 6 wins from 8. Both teams will be looking for promotion & trophies this season along with Tregony & Chacewater. Not a game you want somebody who's not an impartial qualified ref in charge of.
  13. Trying to get player participation up is only a worthwhile idea if they get referee participation up too.