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  1. Is Paul C Will Rowe? I always thought it was Ed
  2. The way I see it is that a Trelawney committee member started a new league (St Piran), saying he would take 9 combo teams. Then 2 weeks ago decided they actually wanted to take 3/4 of the combo league. So combo in turn looked at the league below to take 9 teams to make up the shortfall. I really don't see how anybody is blaming combo for this mess. It's down to the very poor organisation of the St Pirans league & the fact it was left till the last minute.
  3. Yeah I know what you are saying, but for me it's always been that way, still it's an aim for young players to play senior football, ie play in the senior cup instead of the junior amongst other things. Also you have combo clubs taking money on the gates & players not having to pay subs. I know you'll say that junior clubs are welcome to charge on the gate, but you watch the uproar if junior teams started charging fans. I think the main issue is that we are pretty much in June & nobody knows. St Pirran should have had their league sorted months ago & then this would have never happened.
  4. I'm thinking that Pendeen, Culdrose, Carharrack, Newquay, Lizard & Porthleven will all have to join the Trelawney league if their current league folds, & obviously the 2 promoted teams. It's certainly crap for all involved. The fault doesn't lie with either Combo or Trelawney, it lies with the St Piran league. For me they should have taken bigger deposits at the start to stop so many teams dropping out & then to move the goal posts only a couple of weeks ago & take so many combo teams without any consideration for the league's or clubs in steps below. You have clubs that worked hard to become senior teams, finished in respectable league positions, that will now become junior teams over night.
  5. What do you mean? Trelawney Prem teams wanting to move to div 4? I wouldn't have thought that having more teams in each league is an option, especially when last season the cups were cancelled as they couldn't fit all of the games in.
  6. With the future of combo being decided tomorrow, where does this leave the teams in the Trelawney Leagues. For instance if there aren't enough teams for combo, & the league folds, this will leave 6 new teams being "relegated" to Trelawny Prem for Combo. Once you add the 2 teams who are going up (Threemilestone & Rousugeon) that's 8 new teams in the league. This would mean that 8 Trelawney Prem teams would be relegated to division 1, 8 div 1 teams going to division 2 & so on. Surely not fair if a team like Holmans, who enjoyed a decent season -finishing mid table with a decent young squad, got relegated just because of the mess up of a new league 2 steps above them.
  7. This is true. But Combo also offer a free lino course for 2 people from each club.
  8. Well I presume you have the 5 from last year plus Newquay. What I mean is what is the future? Will combo & Trelawney merge in a years time as suggested? If so surely it's a no brainer for Trelawney prem teams to apply.
  9. Bit more info would be good. Ie what are the plans, which teams are already in combo Etc.
  10. Pendeen, Porthleven Reserves, Lizard, Carharrack, Culdrose. Also Newquay moving from ECPL.
  11. Whatever happens the "combination" name needs to stay. Too much history to just lose the league forever.
  12. 1 thing thing gets overlooked. Carharrack came up to Combo around the same time as Holmans & West Cornwall. Both of those clubs managers realised it's not easy to be competitive in combo & keep decent players & both resigned. Holmans are now a mid table junior team & West Cornwall folded altogether. & yet it's Penryn & the ex catharrack players that get the grief?
  13. This is stupid. Carharrack couldn't raise a side against Perranporth last week & Penryn earlier in the season. The fact is that Carharrack couldn't raise a team. Today there were only 3 Carharrack players available, I managed to get a few more Threemilestone players to play but that still left Carharrack unable to field 11 men. Not once has it been mentioned about St Day. Carharrack haven't won a game this season, it's Not exactly a rivalry between the 2 teams. Half of St Days squad are ex Carharrack.
  14. If Ludgvan came down would they not need someone to replace them? Slightly unfair as I'm sure penryn would have applied to join Peninsula had that been an option. Also for a team like carharrack who have been told all season that there will be no relegation, to get relegated is also surely not fair, although may do them good. Then you have the plans for combination to reduce the amount of teams in the league, that would have to be scrapped, unless they fancied relegating the bottom 6 clubs.
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