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  1. Plenty of the Bristol teams moan about going to Pakway. Wait till they find out where Mousehole is!!
  2. Who do people think are the favourites for the east division? Probably harder to call with big names like Parkway, Tavi, Exmouth and Argyle no longer in league. Do Torpoint have a chance?
  3. Antonio! Looked a tidy player. Solid performance from Parkway. Controlled the game from start to finish. Fletcher Williams was decent in midfield as well
  4. Clubs no longer get promoted to a league, but to a step. So next season four clubs from Devon and Cornwall could get promoted to step 5. The fa would then allocate all step 5 clubs to a particular league. The 20 most westerly clubs would end up in western. Clubs further east would be placed in another league. This has already happened to Chipping Sodbury this season. All league boundaries are now fluid at step 6 or above. If more clubs from Devon and Cornwall go up and survive, the Western league will naturally migrate west. Western league would still relegate three clubs but to step 6, not any particular league. Lateral movement is a fairer system across the board. In summary clubs are promoted or relegated to steps, not leagues. Clubs are then allocated geographically.
  5. Any info on new grandstand? Size? Timetable for completion etc? What other improvements need to be made? Am I right in saying 2 turnstiles and perimeter fencing? Had a debate on Twitter. A load of fans from Chipping Sudbury and other clubs unhappy with the club being put in Hellenic. However there needs to be a drift west of the league, which hopefully the restructuring will allow. Certainly an opportunity for more Devon clubs to go up. Chipping Sodbury is closer to London than Cornwall so something needs to change! The Fa should assist clubs with travel expenses for any journey over a certain length. The RFU do this and rugby clubs similar in size to step 5/6 clubs travel long distances for matches. Certainly if there was a club promoted to step 4 against its wishes, there is an argument that it could have been given to best runner up ppg (Parkway). Personally think Street should have demoted to Western 1. They had no financial or ground grading issues. As for not enough volunteers, surely there isn’t much difference in running a step 5 or step 6 club?
  6. Whilst you would always take promotion, it may be good for the club to consolidate its position. Back to back promotions would have left the club a lot to do in a short period of time with regards to ground grading. Clubs that progress too quickly have sometimes unraveled just as quickly as well. If squad is kept together, Parkway will be probably be favourites to win the league. It would also be nice to go up as champions as well. Not taking anything for granted, a lot of tough teams in the league - but looking forward to it; especially the games against Tavi!
  7. The plan would be for Penzance to continue at step 6 but as a feeder club to Mousehole. I understand the concerns Dave, none of us really know what is happening and it might be a hostile takeover for all we know. However just feel people should be a bit more open minded, at least until they know all the facts. If an owner is prepared to invest in youth, in pushing Mousehole up a league or two, whilst guaranteeing Penzance’s future in swpl, this may be possibly be a really good thing for football in the region.
  8. So the proposal is for Mousehole and Penzance to keep their seperate identities. Mousehole would aim to climb the pyramid, whilst Penzance would carry on at same level, supported by Mousehole. If this project is successful West Cornwall would have a team at a higher level and Penzance would be financially secure. All this negative bellyaching about clubs disappearing, before the proposals were put forward. Whenever someone tries to invest in Cornish football, they are met with cynicism, parochialism and a tonne of negativity. I kept saying wait for the proposals. Penzance and Mousehole will not loose their identities!! Some people in this forum need to take a long look at themselves and try to be more forward thinking and positive. With the development of the Kernow Conifa team, the possible building of a Cornish Fa Hq and Stadium for Cornwall, and the westward migration of the western league (which is already happening Tavistock replacing Chipping Sodbury) - things could be about to improve. But they won’t happen in a environment of negativity and self interest.
  9. Thanks for clarifying. However can’t understand why two division model was not put forward earlier, with all the travel concerns. St Pirans had almost identical footprint to swpl west!!
  10. Why can’t Combination and East Cornwall league just be given step 7 status? Surely far simpler 🤔
  11. Agreed. Current situation isn’t fair on clubs who want to start making plans for next season, as well as arrange preseason friendlies against teams in seperate leagues.
  12. In the past when teams pulled out (ie street) they would automatically be given bottom spot thus reprieving another club (ie Barnstaple). This is no longer a set rule, reprieves are handed out last. If there is a vacancy at step 4, if will go to best runner up ppg nationally which is Parkway. Everything is up in the air until fa make announcement. Barnstaple may stay up or Parkway might go up depending on fa decision. Personally think there should be more of a set rule
  13. Great season and nice to finish with some silverware. Look forward to seeing further progress next season
  14. Can’t make all the games but always look forward to the media from Graham Lloyd and Mike Parrish. Many thanks for your efforts this season
  15. Rob Farkins as captain is a no brainer. A natural leader. If the squad is kept together, they will be big favourites for the league next season and would be competitive in southern league is promoted this summer.
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