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  1. Thanks for clarifying. However can’t understand why two division model was not put forward earlier, with all the travel concerns. St Pirans had almost identical footprint to swpl west!!
  2. Why can’t Combination and East Cornwall league just be given step 7 status? Surely far simpler 🤔
  3. Agreed. Current situation isn’t fair on clubs who want to start making plans for next season, as well as arrange preseason friendlies against teams in seperate leagues.
  4. In the past when teams pulled out (ie street) they would automatically be given bottom spot thus reprieving another club (ie Barnstaple). This is no longer a set rule, reprieves are handed out last. If there is a vacancy at step 4, if will go to best runner up ppg nationally which is Parkway. Everything is up in the air until fa make announcement. Barnstaple may stay up or Parkway might go up depending on fa decision. Personally think there should be more of a set rule
  5. At least hear the proposals! Shouldn’t Cornish football be glad of investment. It’s been a bumpy ride for Truro, but at least they’ve won stuff and put Cornwall on the football map. The Mousehole owners also have a big commitment to youth. This could open the door for local youngsters. Shouldn’t we concentrate on that?
  6. I’m guessing any merger would allow Millbrook to play in the West
  7. Yes geography is an obstacle but England geographically is a small country, so let’s not over exaggerate the isolation. Yes it’s been a challenge for Truro, but if winning the fa vase at Wembley, reaching the Fa cup first round and playing national league South is suffering, then maybe some other clubs should start looking to suffer as well. You are showing more than negativity.
  8. Three years ago Plymouth Parkway merged with Bar Sol Ona. The Bar Sol Ona chairman took over the chairman position at Parkway. The club is going from strength to strength. Can you not at least wait to see the proposals before all the doom and gloom? The constant negativity and small minded parochialism demonstrated here and throughout Cornish football in general, is cancerous and slowly killing the game in the county.
  9. If the aim is to create one strong club in West Cornwall that can play at a higher level, whilst creating a pathway for local youngsters, is this not a good thing? At least let’s see what the proposals are. If West Cornwall eventually had a team to challenge Truro, couldn’t the local community get behind that? Penzance and Mousehole could still perhaps keep their identities as feeder/reserve teams!!
  10. Explain how it’s cobblers? An excellent league has been split into two partly due to Bodmin’s habit of buying up talent, only to clog up the pyramid. Any chance of you giving an intelligent defence of Bodmin’s philosophy? The club has never explained itself. If the club wants to stick to county football, that’s fine. But don’t go splashing the cash on everyone elses players. If Tavi can go up, why can’t Bodmin?
  11. A sixth peninsula title for Bodmin would be inferior to the other 5 as the league is now split. There is no Argyle, Parkway, Buckland, Tavi or Exmouth to finish above. If Bodmin’s aim is to go up and take on those teams again, great! If not, what is the point??
  12. Great season and nice to finish with some silverware. Look forward to seeing further progress next season
  13. Can’t make all the games but always look forward to the media from Graham Lloyd and Mike Parrish. Many thanks for your efforts this season
  14. Rob Farkins as captain is a no brainer. A natural leader. If the squad is kept together, they will be big favourites for the league next season and would be competitive in southern league is promoted this summer.
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