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  1. If the Western league ends up with similar footprint to the old swpl then I’m sure Cornish clubs will be fine. Even Bodmin would survive at that level, provided they don’t try and out spend everyone again on player recruitment.
  2. Parkway will hopefully be promoted to step 4 this summer. Their ground is being built to step 3 grading. What happens if Truro get promoted up to step 2 next season (a strong possibility) and their new ground isn’t ready (another strong possibility). Will Bolitho be ok for national league south? If not, will it be upgraded again or will Truro have to go back to Torquay?
  3. Ok I’m lost!! Is the plan still to have a stadium with the Pirates or to have a completely separate ground? Is it a case of building a basic ground for the football to start with, with the rugby team joining later on? Does anyone actually know? I could never understand why Truro/Pirates didn’t just build a facility to nonleague/champrugby standard, with a plan to slowly improve the facilities to efl/premrugby afterwards.
  4. A couple months ago Truro said they had the money in place to build a ground. They said they were still open to the Pirates coming on board but if not they would carry on regardless. This was because they were homeless and needed to get on with things. This independent spirit seemed strange at the time, for the simple reason that Truro are owned by the Pirates. Surely the rugby club calls the shots and isn’t going to be dictated to by its football club?
  5. True! It’s also about 45 minutes away as well, assuming no ferry delays. I could get to Bodmin quicker!! Saltash (which is genuinely next to Plymouth) to Bristol 2h 3 mins. Bodmin to Bristol 2h 18. A30 is more direct. However there seem to be this big myth, even mentioned on podcasts that the likes of Bodmin are much further away. It’s simply not true!
  6. A few years ago there were just 2 Devon/Cornwall clubs in the Western. One of which was close to the Somerset border. Next season there will be 7! Also half the Bristol clubs will be shifted to the Hellenic. Yet still the moans about travelling. If clubs keep taking promotion the future footprint won’t be much bigger than the pre-split swpl. The benefit of all this? Playing step 5 guarantees a club an Fa cup spot, which these days is quite lucrative. Ambitious young players will travel. There seems to be a younger more ambitious generation in Cornwall that isn’t so held back by parochialism. Travelling is a challenge, but if Millbrook can make it work, then there will be no excuses left for some of the bigger names in Cornish football.
  7. Just Parkway. Clubs at the other end of the Western region will face lateral movement into other leagues. Clubs are basically promoted and relegated by step and then divided regionally. If more swpl clubs go up, we will see a westward drift.
  8. Great to see so much ambition from our local clubs. I think that’s 8 of them that have moved up from the swpl. Meanwhile it’s the year 2031. Bodmin edge past Looe Town and Nanpean Rovers to win their 12th swpl title. This club is all about silverware says manager Darren Gilbert!! 😂😜
  9. Disappointing result for Parkway, but exciting times ahead. Would happily see Nick Milton return, defence always looked solid with him and Farks together. Krac is getting older and probably becoming more of a liability, but the team still seemed to lack a bit of drive and momentum last season when he wasn’t playing. Levi Landricombe looked a shadow of his former self last season. Ground plans look great. Looking forward to next season. Might try and catch some Truro games as well!
  10. This season should have been used to finish off last season. This isn’t hindsight, as many of us called for that at the time, as anyone with half a brain knew we would have a second wave in the winter. This ridiculous decision has left us with two incomplete seasons. The solution offered by project reset isn’t perfect, but it rewards clubs for consistency over two seasons. Yes Helston lost players and didn’t do so well in season two but A - They still did better over the two seasons than anyone else bar Saltash and B - would have been promoted anyway in season one if it wasn’t for the pandemic. They deserve the chance. The only bigger mistake then the original null void decision would be to allow two season to count for nothing. Is it completely fair? No. But neither is life. The restructure offers meaning to two years hard work. There will be winners and losers, but as long as rules are applied consistently, let’s just get on with it
  11. Hopefully the club can find a way to go up. The way it has been turned around is incredible. Good luck, whatever you decide to do 👍🏻
  12. Whilst on the subject of promotion; a few seasons ago I suggested that Devon could easily end up with 6 Southern league clubs. A few people mocked that, but if Parkway go up, that is exactly what we will have. Good times for football in the county.
  13. A few years ago there were only 2 Devon/Cornwall teams in Western. Next season there will be 7. If teams keep taking promotion this will increase. Going on club size/resources there is no reason why Western league should go further than mid Somerset. (Old Swpl plus a few others). Travel has already been reduced with half of the Bristol clubs laterally moved to Hellenic - subject to Fa ratification. Yet we still hear the same old moans about travel. If Cornish paid similar expenses to clubs up the line, they would be fine. Surely even Bodmin will want to move up from what is slowly becoming a village league. Good luck to Saltash and Helston. Yes they will possibly lose some players to swpl rivals next season, but they will keep those who are ambitious. I hope Millbrook are able to join them. What a great story that would be. However unlike some of the bigger clubs, it wouldn’t be unreasonable if they felt that they were already at their limit.
  14. Teams are promoted and relegated by steps, not leagues. So if Torpoint end up as one of the 20 most westerly teams, they will be in swp west. If not they will be in the east. It’s that simple
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