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  1. Great cup tie and result. Brilliant atmosphere, especially with the drum and smoke bomb. Hopefully another home tie in qf.
  2. Looking forward to it. Hopefully a big crowd. C’mon Parkway!!
  3. Great report! Thought Rosenquest had a very good game. The result flatters Parkway, but still a good win.
  4. If there is one weakness in the squad, it is a lack of quality cover for Carter. Hopefully will be addressed soon, or it could end up being costly.
  5. Great to see Friday night football back at Bolitho. Hopefully we will see a few more Friday night home games this season!
  6. This is actually a Western League forum and as Tavi like Parkway is close to Cornwall, it makes sense to discuss them as well. Obviously in some people’s narrow view of things the forum is just for Parkway bashing. If Parkway ever ended up in same league as Truro they would share a forum section.
  7. What the hell are you going on about?
  8. Who do people think are the favourites for the east division? Probably harder to call with big names like Parkway, Tavi, Exmouth and Argyle no longer in league. Do Torpoint have a chance?
  9. Antonio! Looked a tidy player. Solid performance from Parkway. Controlled the game from start to finish. Fletcher Williams was decent in midfield as well
  10. Any info on new grandstand? Size? Timetable for completion etc? What other improvements need to be made? Am I right in saying 2 turnstiles and perimeter fencing? Had a debate on Twitter. A load of fans from Chipping Sudbury and other clubs unhappy with the club being put in Hellenic. However there needs to be a drift west of the league, which hopefully the restructuring will allow. Certainly an opportunity for more Devon clubs to go up. Chipping Sodbury is closer to London than Cornwall so something needs to change! The Fa should assist clubs with travel expenses for any journey over a certain length. The RFU do this and rugby clubs similar in size to step 5/6 clubs travel long distances for matches. Certainly if there was a club promoted to step 4 against its wishes, there is an argument that it could have been given to best runner up ppg (Parkway). Personally think Street should have demoted to Western 1. They had no financial or ground grading issues. As for not enough volunteers, surely there isn’t much difference in running a step 5 or step 6 club?
  11. Whilst you would always take promotion, it may be good for the club to consolidate its position. Back to back promotions would have left the club a lot to do in a short period of time with regards to ground grading. Clubs that progress too quickly have sometimes unraveled just as quickly as well. If squad is kept together, Parkway will be probably be favourites to win the league. It would also be nice to go up as champions as well. Not taking anything for granted, a lot of tough teams in the league - but looking forward to it; especially the games against Tavi!
  12. Thanks for clarifying. However can’t understand why two division model was not put forward earlier, with all the travel concerns. St Pirans had almost identical footprint to swpl west!!
  13. Why can’t Combination and East Cornwall league just be given step 7 status? Surely far simpler 🤔
  14. Agreed. Current situation isn’t fair on clubs who want to start making plans for next season, as well as arrange preseason friendlies against teams in seperate leagues.
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