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  1. ParkwayPieEater

    Promotion Hopes? No chance.

    If cheering on the team for 5 games this season already doesn't make me a fan, please write me the criteria to 'being a parkway fan'. Would it help if i also didn't have any hair or had a southern farmer accent?
  2. ParkwayPieEater


    What a performance lads! Carter as clinical as ever. What a worthwhile three hour round journey that was for me! Couldn't have asked for more from the lads, especially with a make shift back line. Next step for progress at the club in my opinion is to get some of the 'die hard' fans to turn up to the big games.
  3. ParkwayPieEater


    I would've thought these meetings and other plans could be scheduled for dates other than our huge games where each fan's presence can be have a positive effect to the eleven on the pitch. Luckily for the club I am loyal enough to turn up to our home games! Although I will admit I have been guilty of sneaking a ginsters pie into the ground.. #don'ttelltheboard
  4. ParkwayPieEater

    Match report V Street

    Unlucky lads. Not sure how we didn't sneak the win! We go again.
  5. ParkwayPieEater

    Promotion Hopes? No chance.

    If you were capable of reading correctly, you would see that a large part of this forum is based around opinions of CURRENT peninsula teams' chances if they went up. I'm sure people do care about these topics, otherwise this entire website would not exist. The only chance you will have of seeing Parkway in a few yeas is if you go to watch their league derbies against the likes of turo and torquay.
  6. ParkwayPieEater

    Promotion Hopes? No chance.

    What exactly would this meeting entail? Are you expecting me to say 'Ooh hello Mr Vice Chairman, please can I have your autograph?' And what is the problem with me having an opinion as a paying Parkway fan? It seems everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it is the popular opinion other fans share!
  7. ParkwayPieEater

    Promotion Hopes? No chance.

    I have been to Parkway's home games this season. They have too much quality for it to be in doubt. Come end of the season if Parkway aren't lifting the league trophy or at least going up I would be shocked. In relation to Hobbs, maybe his quality on the ball shouldn't be questioned but his overall contribution to the game is not enough to be viable at a higher standard. Don't know much about Cusack, and yes it's true Massey has higher level experience but his stint at Truro was a disaster. You can put a clown on the touchline and say they have 'higher level experience'.
  8. ParkwayPieEater

    Promotion Hopes? No chance.

    I personally think he is overrated. Especially in a better league with more intensity he would be nothing more than a dead weight who scores a few one touch finishes over throughout the season. If he wasn't too tired to stroll in to the box that is
  9. ParkwayPieEater

    Promotion Hopes? No chance.

    I have every certainty that parkway will be going up again this season. And any team that comes up from peninsula will be staring relegation in the face before they have even kicked a ball.
  10. ParkwayPieEater

    Promotion Hopes? No chance.

    No Paul I wasn't saying it's too much of step up for Parkway. Did you see us the other night? one word; Dominant. I was highlighting the clear difference in level between Parkway and all the other teams left behind in the peninsula.
  11. Having watched Parkway's home games so far it is clear to see that the standard of football is a jump up in level from the peninsula league. Even the likes of Saltash would definitely struggle in this league over a full season. Players like Sam Farrant in their team would be outclassed and outmuscled. It would be like men against boys out there. Looks at Glyn Hobbs for example. He clearly couldn't handle the physicality of the western league centre backs. (Or the speed of them). - Hopefully the time he is saving from travelling he will putting to good use losing some of that belly fat. #wedon'twantyouback Lastly, the manager's wouldn't cut the step up either as the tactics in the peninsula league are non-existent and the western league clearly has an emphasis on team unity rather than hoping a rich owner comes in to buy the league for them.